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Eyes Wide Open (watching them)

Tagging is back in the News Again, and People are Buying It

This morning while watching the local news, ,WTAE channel 4) I saw a story on chips so small you pet wont even know they have it. I new that they had chips as small as a flake of talcum powder. However the chip could not transmit a signal, you would have to be right up on the chip to scan it. Which made no It better than a bar code. My understanding of how this new chip will work is, that a pet will have the data placed on the chip, read and then inserted. The data is then stored in a local database for the area that you live in, so that when you report your pet missing they can start to track them.

This is not a totally new idea. Chips have been placed in collars and other pet accessories for awhile now. You could even have a larger chip implanted in you pet, which has the capability to transmit a signal. You can buy devices such as, watches, clothing, and for Prom Night, there are devices that can be attached to your car allowing you to track your teenager and his or her date. Ah Yes, there is the first of the electronic tracking devices, the cell phone. No longer do you or the authorities have to triangulate calls, thanks to the RFID chips in the phones, now finding the area a call was placed from, is as easy as to cue up software. However you can just have a chip implanted in your child and beat the high price of all this other stuff.

One of the reasons the analog signals are being done away with for the Digital signal, is so that the government can sell them off to the makers of the RFID chips. Another is for the emergency operations like, police, fire departments and ambulances. However, with digital there is the capability of two-way transmission, including visual. But, that is another article.

A while back I did a blog entry on testing that Wal-Mart, and Revlon, were doing with RFID chips, and lipstick. The test consisted of being able to track the lipstick case from the display until the unsuspecting customer left the building, from over 700 miles away. The study found that the customer could be tracked up to and sometimes over a mile from the store in ant direction. Just something to think about, if this can be done from 700 miles away, think what can be done if Wal-Mart or any store does it from their own store. (Don‘t void warranties.)

ABA (Watching Them, So You Know Where To Look.)

Ps. Here is a story I came across, about wanting to tag your money.

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  1. June 10, 2013 10:53 am

    found your site via Willy Loman and it appears we have something in common: pittsburgh
    drop me a note @ chartistfriend


  2. October 13, 2011 6:48 pm

    Enjoyed reading your post! makes time go by faster at work 😛



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