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“Twitter Is Getting Rid of Those With Opposite Political Views”

April 3, 2017

For some time now the editors of Twitter have been using a tactic know as Network Interruption. It is to stop their political opposites from getting their messages out on the public platform. It also divides the base of the network and it falls by the wayside. They have been doing this under the supervision of Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter and known for his liberal viewpoint.

The Twitter staff have been censoring post, if not totally removing them. Another one of the tools they use is call Shadow Banning.

Shadow Banning is; Banning a user from a web forum in such a way that the banned user is unaware of the ban. Usually takes the form of showing that user’s posts/profile/etc. only to that user; other users never see them. Urban Dictionary

Most would say just drop it and move to another platform, but it is not that easy. We have formed a community, a family of sorts. Companies have spent millions of dollars in advertising on Twitter. Mr. Dorsey knows exactly how to play it to were nothing but the liberal think gets through, or at least enough of the opposition is held in check that the average reader only hears one side.

A large group of Twitter users have stepped up and said enough Jack Dorsey. You may be able to ban us, but you won’t destroy our network. They are in the process of building an app that will allow a user to leave a message telling others in the network where to reach them if they get banned, or the Twitter staff starts to shadow ban them. The app will be much more than that but it is only in the beginning stage and the working name is “Last-Rights”.

As this unfolds I will keep you updated. Please get this out there, Tweet it share it with all you networking friends. Your friends list is your network, so keep them informed. Please go to and join the fight.

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