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Why Is The Media And FDA Planting False Accusations About Vaping? (The E-Cig)

January 3, 2014

Ok first off, I call them E-Cigs only to make it easier to follow in the blog. I believe that the calling them E- Cigs is putting a negative stereo type on the product. What it is, is a vapor drawn into the lungs and what is released back into the air is the same but in a lesser amount.The E-cig although it can’t be advertised as a method to quit smoking many have using it because it allows you to step down the amount of nicotine you use. They seem to work better than gums and patches because you still have the oral fixation and the feeling of having something in your hand.

Now that they are gaining in popularity and could go from a 3 million dollar business to a 4 billion dollar a year business, The government wants to find a way to capitalize on it. What is happening with the E-cig is the government is imposing taxes, bans, and falsely attaching health claims on the E-cig. They are going out of their way to treat E-cigs like tobacco cigarettes. The FDA has come out and said that they are more dangerous that the patches and gums which their buddies in pharmaceutical industry put out.

The truth of the matter is, Nicotine is not harmful and does not cause diseases. Nicotine actually has health benefits when it is not delivered with the other 4000 chemicals in a tobacco cigarette. ( I did not totally believe Nicotine had health advantages, so I went and did some reading.)


People believe that nicotine causes cancer but the fact is it only provides the addiction in cigarette smoking and does not cause ill-health death or disease. On the contrary it’s actually good for you.

Nicotine is known to switch on receptors on the surface of cells in certain parts of the brain, causing these neurons to release the Neuro-transmitter dopamine, this chemical is one that is associated with feelings of pleasure and can lift our mood.

I am waiting for the reasoning behind the E-cig being ban in Colleges and other places. Everything use in the making of an E-cig are approved by the FDA, yet they are trying to say they are unhealthy.Also nothing exhaled is bad for people or animals. However, you have the two major industries pushing to stop the competition. (Tobacco and Drug)

As of the date of this blog entry, I have read 3 negative reports on the use of e-cigarettes all three were put out by research labs that were paid by the Pharmaceutical and Big Tobacco companies. I have read four reports I read that were done by independent researchers and physicians have had positive things to say about the use of vapor as the delivery system over traditional cigarettes.

In my research for this blog I have watched many videos and this video below explains it the best. This is a rebuttal to a lot of the propaganda in the EU where they are trying to ban the E-Cig all together.

One day on “The View” they were doing the bidding of the Pharmaceutical industry by spreading its propaganda. The unfounded statement, “That the e-cig industry are hiding they have carcinogens that are not being told to the consumer.” I have read the articles they are referring to, the ones written by or on the behalf of the Pharmaceutical industry.

The studies I have read are really bad when it comes to reaching for the chance to push a minute piece of information and connect it to a negative. It is so obvious, but no matter this will become like anything else that has happened in the past couple of decades, it will be who gets enough money in the hands of those in charge of the nays and ayes.

What it comes down to is, in the grand scheme of things this is just a small part of what is being done in this country. As long as “someone” has a little more wealth than “others”, they will try to force their thought process down your throat and anyone that thinks different from them will be held to a law that was made against the wants of the masses. (* See Medical Marijuana.)


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