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My Tech In A DirecTV Van Shows Up In The Nic Of Time

December 15, 2013

On Thursday at 12:15 Ozzy starts barking and I walk from the computer room to the front door to see a White and Blue DirecTV van backing up my snowy driveway. As he gets to the top of the driveway I walk out and meet him so that we don’t have to talk over the barking dog at the door. He shows me the badge on a string hanging from his neck and his driver’s license so that I could see he is who he says he is. Although this is a nice thing to do the official van gave it away, but if he had not been driving the van this would have not really mattered because you are still at a disadvantage because anyone can produce a fake set of ID. There is an auto glass replacement company that sends you an e-mail with the picture of the tech that is coming to do the work. That is a great service.

After we exchange the pleasantries he ask me about the problems and I explain in great detail. He turns and walks over to the van unlocking the ladders and places them against the house and climbs up to inspect the dish. He looks back at me and says, you were right the LNB is definitely cracked and full of ice. (The fact that it was frozen allowed me to get all the channels before he arrived that day.) Seeing as I was standing there with no coat on and my teeth chattering like a pair of novelty teeth, I told him since I was not getting paid I would be in side. He chuckled and said I will be in later to calibrate the boxes.

About 30 minutes later I hear a tap on the door and then the secondary doorbell goes off. (Ozzy barking his head off.) He holds his badge up and I motion for him to come in. I had placed the remote on the edge of the couch so that I knew where it was without having to do my daily ritual of hunting it down like Marlin Perkins on “Wild Kingdom”. He moved on to the computer room and then the Master bedroom. When he finished I offered a cup of coffee but he said he had a few other appointments he had to get done today so he would have to pass. I signed a few papers which said basically he was there, and the service was working to the best of my knowledge.He gave me my copy and was on his way. On his way out the door he told me that Direct would be calling with a short survey about his service, and if I am satisfied with his work. He said that I should answer it the way I really feel. The only problem I had was last night (12/14/13) when I got home from mt wives Christmas party, the car lights shined on the old LNB laying in the back yard. To be fair he may have dropped it from the roof and in the 4 inches of snow forgot about it. The rain yesterday washed the snow away exposing it.

All-in-all my experience with DirecTV this time was, 6 out of 10. The service from the tech was a 9.5 only because of the old LNB I found in the back yard. I do understand that because you own the dish they don’t take the dish or parts of it away, but it could have been set somewhere for me to find. Yes that is Nitpicking.

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