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We Can Get to you Thursday and It Will Cost $50.00 (The Saga of My Direct TV)

December 10, 2013


So I called Direct TV back and told them that after running a System Check and rechecking the connections I decided to climb up and check the dish out myself. I found the plastic cap on the arm was full of water and might that be the cause of my problems? I was told that it might be and they would do a system check from their location to see if anything was different from the other 2 times I called and we ran 4 system checks. When this check was finished she told me that a tech would be scheduled and she had 4 openings. (To which I had a million 1 liners but thought better of.) Two were on Tuesday but I could not be here, so Thursday I will be sitting by the phone from 12:00pm to 4:00pm waiting for the tech. She said you will need fifty dollars, (to be fair it’s $49.95.) I ask if I could just go up and remove the cap and drain the water. She told me that she would not advise that and they could tell. I ask her what, and she said she was kidding, They can’t tell. But how do I know they can’t? I mean for god sake, they are a freaking satellite company.

I will keep you up dated.


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