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Direct TV Came Back On Only To Be Gone Less Than Tweleve Hours Later

December 8, 2013

After the call to Direct TV yesterday I still had got no satisfaction, so I decided to write an entry on the experience. About 15 minutes after posting the entry I revived a call from Direct TV, to which I thought wow they have read my blog, but it was a call to see if I was satisfied with the service I received. They ask if I would take a short survey of 4 questions which I did. Then an automated voice ask if their Representative was courteous to which pressed 3. She was extremely courteous. Then I was asked if my problem was 1. Fix 2.Some what fixed or 3. Not fixed at all. You guessed it 3. The voice came back and said, “We are sorry your problem was not resolved”. It then ask if I would like to leave a short message about why I would or would not recommend Direct TV to my friends or family, so I did. I was not harsh, but I told them I would not because the service has gone out too many times over the 10 years we have had Direct. At the end of the call the message was, “If you continue to experience problems call us back at” (Insert a number here) or online at DirectTV Sucks. Not really the address.

So last night I had to search the internet for the Penguin game I found it over at Castalba TV Then I watched a little Adult—–Swim, (you thought it was porn) online and started thinking, man this blows. So about 11:00 last night I decided to channel surf and after all that we got the channels back. I got home tonight I went to watch TV and the channels are gone. So tomorrow after I get back I will call Direct TV back and start again. It could be worse I guess.

I will keep you updated or maybe you have your own life and you won’t be back. Whatever you decide I will be here.


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