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Will I Miss The Penguins, Thanks Direct TV ( 12/07/2013 )

December 7, 2013

[Update]Ten minutes after posting this entry I get a call from Direct TV, I thought wow they read my entry. Well no luck it was a survey on my experience with the call I made yesterday.More later.

I would like to send a Thank-You to Direct TV for the polite way their operator handled my call. With that said, I will not be making payments to watch the shopping channels and infomercials for the 3 months we had to deal with pixelated channels and frozen video. Finally yesterday most of those channels have gone to “Searching for Satellite” Error 771. When I ask the polite young lady if it was about what I read on Sunspots and the Sun being more active this year, she said, “Sunspots do not affect Direct TV.” I explained that I checked all connections, and the line of sight from my satellite dish to the sky, she very nicely said, “something must be blocking the satellite dish.” This made me feel like I was explaining something to a teenager who did not have time for what I was saying. This could have been, seeing as I called late in the afternoon and she might have been at the end of her day. (I do understand that dealing with the public, well they are not all as understanding as me.

Last night as I was searching to see what channels I can watch until they can send a service tech out to see what is causing the problem, I discovered that channel 659 “Has gone to the Dark side” said like Darth Vader (Error:771). This was a big surprise because it never showed any sign of trouble. Now I am Pissed, this is the “Home of My Pittsburgh Penguins”.

As far as getting the tech out here. I was told by the polite young lady, “They aren’t in the practice of sending techs out in bad weather.” She also said, I see from the map I am looking at I see you’re getting some bad weather. So if I will call them back when the weather brakes we will setup an appointment for one of our technicians to come out and check the problem.” Yea, I will see them some time next spring.

I have had people tell me I should switch over to Dish, or a local cable provider and I have thought of it. However, after comparing price packages, to get the sports channels I have it will cost me almost double with Dish. And the experience I had with the cable in this town is, if your neighbor Breaks Wind it goes out.

It looks like I will be headed over to Justin TV to see if the game will be steamed by another fan, or go to a site that has you fill out 400 surveys so can watch the game, because “Direct TV Anywhere” does not carry “Root Sports”. Direct TV Anywhere Bullshit!


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