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Let Her Play. Children Should Be Judged By Their Abilities, Not Their Gender.

June 26, 2013

I have dealt with girls in wanting to play on boys football team twice in my life. Once as a player in high school (1975) and once as a Little League coach. I will not mention any names because I have not had any contact with these individuals and don’t know their feelings on this.

As a player my experience was, the team made it real rough on her and would go out of their way to rough her up. Some of my teammates felt that they didn’t want to be known as the only team in the WPIAL with the female player. As if it was disgraceful. She ended up quitting before the season started.

In my 2nd year of being an assistant coach on the Little League team there was a girl that moved up from the Peewee team because of her age and she wanted to play Linebacker, the position she played on the Peewee squad.

As a coach I kept an eye on the situation in practice so that the players did not treat her any different than their male teammates. It wound up that her father pulled her before the games started. He said that she was becoming a woman and didn’t want her playing. This was a shame because she was fundamentally better and mentally tougher than a lot of the boys on the team that year.

The reason I bring this up is, I read a news story about Madison Baxter. Madison is a 12 year old girl who wanted to tryout for her schools football team and was turned away. The reason given was; the boys were having impure thoughts and would lust after her. It was also said the boys speaking badly about her in the locker room. Oh by the way, it is a “Christian School”.

MSN Video

First off, the so-called religious leaders at Strong Rock Christian School are telling the boys, it is alright to treat women as second-class citizens. The leaders of the school said they used the bible to explain their actions against Madison. This would justify(In their minds) treating a woman never the less a female child as being lowly and inferior to boys and men.

So what is next? If the team or a number of the players decide they don’t want another boy to play they just say that the child is gay and the school will remove him? Remember it is a Christian High School.

Madison and her mother have set up a Facebook Page for people to show their support and give encouragement. The Page is called: “Let Her Play” Stop by and like the page and show; “Children should be judged by their abilities and not their gender.”


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