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“The Day That Was Forced Apon Us”, or “It Is a Day We Knew Was Coming”

May 17, 2013

It has come to this, December 14, 2013 we will lose one of the best representatives I have had since I became voting age 35 years ago. I wonder at times if this move was made because of his stance on wanting safe drilling when it comes to Slick Water Horizontal Hydraulic Fracturing. He has taken on everyone from Range Recourses to The Pennsylvania DEP, on our behalf.

I have mentioned before that as in any truthful political relationship Jesse White and I have not always seen eye to eye on his ideas. However, we were never so far off that I could not vote for him. When it came to S.W.H.H.F. we agreed on most everything. I was not against “Safe Drilling”, but seems that most companies in the industry want to run ruff shod over the State and Local Governments. (That is another blog.)


The Pennsylvania Supreme Court recently issued a unanimous decision to uphold the revised redistricting maps, which will change the boundaries of state legislative districts beginning December 2014.

The thing that should have happen at least was a tie, 3-3 as with Act 13, a bill that should have been voted down. With a court of six (because of Justice Joan Orie Melvin’s conviction) three democrats and three republican. In my opinion, this decision will effect democrats, independents and people that want a tighter control on Hydraulic Fracturing, and Tax reassessment.

Under the new plan, the 46th House District will lose Buffalo, Chartiers, Cross Creek, Hanover (Washington and Beaver portions), Hopewell, Independence, Jefferson, and South Franklin Townships, as well as the Boroughs of Frankfort Springs, Green Hills, and West Middletown.

These municipalities represent a major portion of the fracking on this side of the state. This takes me back to wondering if this has to do with those who want better control over the Drilling Industry.

So Jesse, we who are getting moved from the Fighting 46th are losing you as our direct representation, will miss that personal style of politics you gave us.

With this new redistricting plan, I have finely have seen the loss of the power of the people. It shows that we have lost the control over who we get to speak for us.

In-case you really don’t know or have never heard of this Bill, here are other post I have made on this topic.

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