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When All Else Fails….Bully. The Cry Of An Industry (Part 1)

April 11, 2013

Like A Good Neighbor, Well It Isn’t Anyone in the Industry

Over ten years ago when this strange new word “Fracking” was being tossed around in our town, I admit I was unfamiliar with it. At the time I first heard it I was at my daughters softball game when a friend of mine was telling me of a chance he had to make a lot of money. He said, just for allowing the gas company to drill and run some pipe on his land he could make hundreds of thousands. He said he was headed to a meeting after the game to sign the papers. A few days latter we were talking and I ask how the meeting went. He told me he couldn’t sign because they went back on the price they told him. I ask what they offered? They sat at my table and told me 2,000, when I was in the office they said because of market this, and the cost of getting to the site, they would only pay 200 an acre. I couldn’t do it, he said. I bring way more than that in crop and graze pasture.

As the season went on he told me how they so-called land men had turned his neighbors against him, they told the neighbors he was holding up their deal. He had found disturbing messages painted on his driveway. His neighbors quit speaking to him. (Two were his brothers.)

I saw my friend at basketball practice that fall and he said he signed for what they offered just to bring peace in the family and with his neighbors. I felt bad for him, because by this time I had done research and found out the dangers of fracking. I found that we in Western Pennsylvania were guinea pigs with a new type of Hydraulic Fracturing that was only used when the first well was sunk here. I had read about the heath problems tied to the chemicals used in fracking, and this Chemical Cocktail called Zetta-Flow. I had also learned that these are the chemicals that Dick Cheney while he was Vice President had removed from the “Clean Air and Water Act” so they didn’t have to be reported. ( Oh yea, his company {Halliburton} developed these chemicals.)

I hadn’t seen my friend for about a year after that if fact the next time I saw him was at our daughters graduations. In that length of time some of those chemicals had leaked into his well and he became sick and suffered a stroke. He almost lost everything because of his illness and the company instead of helping are fighting him in court where they will most likely bankrupt him. So this is the “Good Neighbor” that have been allowed in our neighborhoods.

This isn’t the only story like this here in the Tri-State area just down the road about eight miles the same thing happened but this family didn’t give in and still holds his ground today. But the industry put a pad 300 yards from his front porch, as a way to punish him.


Ps. The next entry is about how they have treated townships, towns and the people that cross them.

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  1. April 11, 2013 5:06 pm

    Thanks for telling this man’s story. Sadly, there are nearly a thousand more like these. You can read them here:


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