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A War On Terrorism?

February 13, 2013

Do you remember what happen at 9 p.m. on Sept. 20, 2001? It was something which made the United States a battlefield and opened the citizens up to laws which could be used to shut down their rights and freedoms. Laws that they gladly excepted because of the promise of a false security.

On September 20th 2001 George W. Bush declared, “The War on Terror”. That was the first but not the last time he used that phrase. It would be and still is, a phrase used to get money, take freedoms and to send kids and full grown men to foreign lands to fight for those freedoms the government is taking from it’s citizenry.(So they tell us.)

When Bush made that declaration, he also made the United States part of that battlefield in which troops can be used against its citizens. Not long after the declaration of war on Terror, The USA Patriot Act was passed (October 23rd 2001) under the dark of night, in a phone vote. Those who were against the hijacking of the People Freedoms were threatened to get their vote. Only one man voted against it, Senator Russ Feingold (D-WI). D,


“It was a difficult thing,” Feingold added.

“And I could kind of see, like the late Bob Novak said, it included an old wish list of the FBI. Things that didn’t have to do with terrorism. Like going after people’s library records, who had done absolutely nothing wrong.”

He said politicians used the fear of terrorists to grab for power and manipulate domestic politics.

(ed-note) I placed the Italics.)

I would like to point out that politicians are using the fear of terrorism more today than ever. It is just not being reported by the media like it was back in the day.

So as we have learned from “The War on Drugs”, the “War on Terror” is something that will never be won. The Drug War brings too much money to the Government for it to ever end. On the other hand, The War Terrorism is a war against idealism and that is not easily defeated, if at all.


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