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Against Their and Our Best Interest

December 4, 2012

{This is an entry that I wrote on January 21, 2012. It is still as relevant today as is was then and will be for a long time I have a feeling.}

Here in the land of the Free and the Brave (snic), people have come to realize if they would vote for a Ron Paul they would lose the easy life style they a grown a custom to. Yes, the thought of the government doing for the people is a great thought.(If you are a person that loves to be constantly scared.

The Obama plan has been just that. If you make the people depend on the government, then just like a pusher or the enabler people will never speak out or speak against that enabler.

If The Occupiers are the 99% then appeasing them should bring a quick end. However, just as it always turns out there are those who vote against their best interest. This is why the Tea Party, (which believed a more conservative platform was needed) grew and then was swallowed up by the Republican party. The same thing with the Liberal party and the Democrats.

If there is one thing a term under the leadership of this administration has shown is, the will of the people no longer matters. In the last 11 years we have become a nation controlled by men and not laws as it was intended. We have seen total disregard for the Constitution, while waving the fear flag in our faces and taking our freedoms. Most of the youth believe that the more they take the safer you become.

As point of proof, in a few instances people who felt that their Fourth Amendment right were being violated would read the Fourth Amendment out loud, while people around them wanted them to just shut up and move along so they could get through the line. These people did not care that the police or TSA agents were in the wrong. In the last 10 years we have become for the most part a people who feel that handing over our rights is the best thing to do so they will just leave us alone. By doing so we have become a people who deserves what the government does to us.

In the comments under the stories a majority of the people said that the victims of the 4th amendment violations provoked the action of the police harassment by not just doing what they were told. This is a sign that a majority of the country are conditioned the way that the government want.

There was a blog entry over at the Daily Kos On November 18th 2011 written by a lady that did exactly that, she read the 4th Amendment and was arrested for it. Those in line behind her were happy she was arrested, because she was not going along to get along and it was holding them up. (Never mind her rights and theirs were being violated.)

It is time for those of us that still remember not being felt up every time we left the house, or entered a place we had to be need to stand up and fight back and show these indoctrinated generations that we don’t have to take this. We need to show them that the Government should fear the people that they work for us and that we don’t fear them.

For We The people, to be safe from Search and Seizure, we cannot survive with your Great, Great, Great, Great, Grandfathers 4th Amendment. It in of itself must be amended to today’s electronic age. Amended to protect the citizenry, not to allow the police and government agencies easy access to our personal papers and electronic documents.


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