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Republicans Show They Careless About Jobs for Pennsylvania (When It Comes To Marcellus)

October 2, 2012

Back in 2010 State Rep (D) Jesse White of the Fighting 46th Introduced legislation that offered a 2,500.00 tax break for every local person hired by the Drilling Industry, It die from lack of action. I said it would cause the industry to move their workers to the state and register them as Pennsylvania citizens. “Ok that was for the sake of argument.” However, I was not far of because they have moved hundreds maybe thousand of workers here ignoring the fact that they said, they would be hiring many locals to work the fields.

Representative White introduced an amendment to a bill today that would help turn around the jobless rate in Pennsylvania. It would have given the Marcellus drilling industry 25 million in tax breaks and helped the job situation in Pennsylvania tremendously. This amendment also offered the $2,500.00 tax credit for the hiring of the local labor force. However, the republicans voted it down along party lines. The vote was 105 against 86 for.

Jesse White has be accused of being against the drilling industry, but Jesse has proven time after time he believes that Marcellus Shale can be a blessing for the local economies. He only wants it done safe, and the hiring done on a level playing field. Representative White has said on his Facebook page that companies like Range won’t tell what they need so that Vocational classes can be created to train the local workers in need of jobs.

In an interview on the “Canonsburg Patch” Representative White showed his disappointment when pointed out;

“So we can give $1.6 billion in tax credits to the foreign corporations in the shale industry, but can’t do a $2,500 per job credit for people who actually live, work and play taxes here?” White asked on his Facebook page Tuesday. “Today we blew a golden opportunity to procure jobs for PA workers in the energy industry. Where are our priorities?”

If you want to read the text of the amendment, Go Here

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