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Political History Shows…

September 14, 2012

With the November election clearly in view, I have noticed that the drilling companies are running a lot more of the touchy, feely commercials. We normally see these when they have an accident, or the publicity goes against them. However, this is not really about Fracking, but the role it plays in a ploy that I saw used during the George W. Bush administration. If you have enough small scandals they hide the big one. Here in Pennsylvania we have a few things going on all at once. Fracking is just one of them, all though a big one.

We have The. Voter’s ID Act. This requires anyone trying to cast a ballot to show a picture ID (That matches the exact way your voter registration is on the polling list.) or you will be turned away denying you of your right to vote. In and of its self is a good idea trying to stop people from stuffing the ballot box, so-to-speak. The problem I have with it is the timing of the bill. The republicans shoved this through hoping to burden the system and thus costing the Democrats votes. This bill clearly targeted the demographic that votes for Democrats, the Poor and the Elderly. I will probably be turned away because somehow within the last 2 elections my registration name was changed. According to this site, ID Check I lost my middle name, and the II was dropped. I was told that since my father was dead I no longer needed the second behind my name. I will find out this November when I vote.

The Penn State /Jerry Sandusky trail and Corbett’s role as Attorney General of Pennsylvania. Yard Bird

In no way am I suggesting Corbett had any part in what Sandusky did. I feel that he brushed it under the rug for political reasons, and “that” is a crime in and of its self.

Centre County District Attorney Michael Madeira referred the Sandusky pedophile investigation to Attorney General Tom Corbett in March 2009. DA Maderia cited a personal conflict of interest between himself and Sandusky.

AG Corbett told key members of his staff that he did not want to actively pursue the Sandusky case.

“Tom didn’t want to do it,” one Corbett associate explains.

The case, per standard procedure, was assigned to a state trooper, and a prosecutor. Nevertheless, without Corbett’s approval, and without the active shepherding of the AG, the investigation went nowhere.

For the most part the Sandusky Case has been put in the back of most of the public’s mind, just the way Corbett wants it.

House Bill 1950/Act 13, this has died down a bit because of the Voter ID Act. Also because the Zoning portions of this bill have been declared unconstitutional. However, the state and the drilling companies are challenging it. (I feel the state is really acting on behalf of the drilling companies, because the drilling companies in all honesty wrote this bill.)

While debating Act13 I mentioned that people should look at the zoning portion of the bill and then compare it to the UN’s Agenda 21 Chapter 7. Now to be fair this is not just a republican aspiration, (although Act 13 is a republican bill) Obama has spoken of many projects which are in line with Agenda 21.

There are many other scandals and not so forward bills out there but in my opinion these are the ones that have knocked other things off the front page and are reported in such a way that they will keep the citizenry divided.

Ps. If you wondered what countries, cities, and municipalities have already joined and are under UN Agenda 21, here’s a list. Local Governments For Sustainability


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