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You Have To Be Freaking Kidding. This Is All They Are Giving Us To Pick From?

August 28, 2012

This is not going to be a long drawn-out rant, because basically it has all been said before. Now it is going to get deeper into the mud slinging, so the MSM will not ask the real questions.

After the last four administrations you think the citizenry of this country would wake up and come together to actually do something in their own interest. What I am getting at is, if ever there was an election that we can see that Republicans and Democrats are of the same coin this is it.

If you feel that Obama is sinking our economy you are right. However, don’t pat yourself on the back just yet. Removing Barry and replacing him with Mitt is not going to help the blue-collar worker, but leaving Barry won’t either.

You have to understand that they are working form both ends to justify their means. If Romney gets the nod, the plan for him is to work from the middle to the right achieving the mandate.

One of the answers is to adjust the regulations for getting funding would actually allow more than two parties. (I don’t want to call them a third party.) There will always be a third party, however because of the rules and regulations they don’t stand a financial chance. The two major parties have always come together long enough to not let this happen. They do this because a strong third party would actually wake the public up.

Also, there is the sports mentality we have been brainwashed into believing. Most people I have talked to will not vote for any party other than the “R” or the “D” the reasoning being, they won’t be voting for a winner. That is something that really burns my soul, because if you truly believe that every vote counts and the way to change the country is to vote. Why not vote for someone who represents your principles in a Alternative party. Hell, these two jokers don’t represent you.


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