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Secretive Meetings Between, Pennsylvania Republicans and Drilling Companies Over Pa. HB1950

February 6, 2012

[update] This is from Jesse White’s Facebook page about an hour ago.5:33pm, 2/6/2012

In a caucus trying to figure out what exactly is in the final version of HB 1950, the Marcellus Shale impact fee and local preemption bill. After five years of talking about working together to get it right, the bill is being drafted in secret with the drilling companies. Looks like the Era of Transparency in PA Government is officially over.

Here in Pennsylvania there is a bill that is important to the future of the landowner’s rights in the commonwealth. That bill is Pa. HB1950.

The most dangerous part of the bill is, state controlled zoning. This is such a critical part of the bill, the Republican controlled legislature and Tom Corbett are meeting with the drilling industry in secretive meetings to adjust the bill to fit the industry’s needs.

As I wrote in my last entry on this subject, republicans have received a lot of monetary backing from the drilling companies. Corbett receiving over a million to his campaign from the drilling industry. The drilling companies are pushing for Harrisburg to control the zoning state-wide, taking it away from municipalities. This would mean that you would end up with compressor stations and pipelines everywhere. Next to schools, hospitals, and homes.

Another laughable part of the bill is a 1% Severance Tax also being call an Impact Fee. This being laughable because; One, it is the lowest of any state being fracked. Two, it is not enough for the sate to bother with. Instead they want the municipalities to collect the fees part of the reason is because they have said that municipalities might not bother collecting.

Now there is talk of the bill being put to the floor today (02-06-2012). The democrats have no idea what the Republicans have done with the companies because they are not involved with what is going on in the House bill, because they are not needed to pass Corbett’s version of the bill. As bad as this will be for landowners and municipalities, there are still people out there who want to give it all to the drilling companies for the weak promises of money and jobs.

You can see the pattern growing with the people and it is giving away their rights to the government for money or false security, money is a sense of security. (I guess).

Here is a site that is very informative: Pa Just Powers


We are reaching out to our counterparts across the state.

You may not think you are affected by this now, but you will be in the near future.

Governor Corbett, State Senators and State Representatives should sit down with municipal officials from Western Pennsylvania to create sensible legislation that takes into account ALL aspects of the gas and oil industry and protects local municipalities rights to protect their residents.

Until such a meeting can be arranged, no vote on House Bill 1950 or Senate Bill 1100 should take place.

Please contact your Legislator and let them know we can’t give up our rights to the gas industry.

Ps. Here is the Site of a man who is fighting for the people’s rights, not just those making the money. Because believe me, this will affect us all.

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