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This Is Getting To Be A Bit Much

January 20, 2012

Acorrding to an article in the New York Post, Local Schools To Spy On Fat Kids, some children in Long Island’s Bay Shore schools will be wearing a new fashion accessory come this spring. Anyone deemed obese by the schools will have to wear electronic monitoring devices 24 hours a day. The device is worn on the wrist like a watch and will track the Childs heartbeat, detects motion, and track sleeping habits.

There is no doubt there is an obesity problem is this country especially among children, but this is a bit over the edge. Going at it from this perspective will end up with more bullying, name calling and possible suicides. Not to mention the invasion of privacy.

If any parent goes along with allowing their child to be monitored, they are teaching that child to give up their rights to the government for a false security, amongst other things.

In the South Orange-Maplewood School District, where earlier versions of the devices have been used for two years, upper-grade students’ marks in Phys Ed are based in part on heart-rate monitors and activity sensors.

Teachers use hand-held computers to collect data from each student’s wrist monitor during class, then upload the information to the school computer system for storage and long-term tracking.

They are uploading this information, but to where, and how secure is the site they are uploading to. Also if it is being stored, is it also being used by insurance companies

One mother did not even know that her sons school was doing this and that they were monitoring her child.

“I didn’t even know it was going on, and I’m active in the school,” said Beth Huebner, of St. Louis.

Her son, a fourth-grader, wore a Polar Active monitor in class without her OK last fall at Ross Elementary School.

“We have gotten no information about the Web-site security or where the data will go,” Huebner said.

Jay Stanley of the ACLU weighed in on this by saying,

“When you get into monitoring people’s biological vital signs, that’s a pretty intrusive measurement.” He also said, “A program like this should only be voluntary. Nobody should be forced to reveal biological indicators.”

Another thing this can be used for is to deny those being monitored Health Insurance coverage or to charge exorbitant rates. Of course this is done without monitoring on smokers, for them it is done with a check mark on a form.

Monitoring the children is a type of conditioning, not so much physical but a mental conditioning. What it says to these children is, because you are over weight it is ok for your school, or your government to embarrass you and ignore you rights. This is a continuation of creating a Nanny State.

Not really connected to this story, however another violation of the 4th Amendment caught my eye this week. Dimitri Vassilaros from KDKA television a CBS affiliate here in Pittsburgh posted a story about the New York City police using the body scan on people on the street in the city.


These have been in use for a few years now, (I have written about their use before.) Homeland Security has vans that see through your walls and look right into your cars. This latest scanner only allows use within three feet. The police want to be able to stand up to 25 meters away.

“This technology has shown a great deal of promise as a way of detecting weapons without a physical search,” Kelly said.
However, the technology — which has been undergoing testing by the NYPD and the U.S. Department of Defense for the past three years — can only be used at a distance of 3 to 4 feet, cops said.

“This can be done from a short range,” Kelly said. “We want a distance of at least 25 meters.”

Below is a video I put in an article back in 2009, these vans use the same technology as the full body scans in airports.

So from now on you can feel secure in your person and papers when you leave your house.(sic)


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  1. February 7, 2012 10:27 am

    Amy, I agree that children need interaction with other children early in life. When my daughter was 3 years old we enrolled her in a daycare even though my wive was a stay at home mom, just for that reason. Where we live were there weren’t any children around her age. But I also believe, a child needs to be with mother and father.Children need both because they bring different qualities into the equation.


  2. amy permalink
    January 24, 2012 9:33 am

    According to the latest study obesity may be connected to the bad relationship that mothers have with their toddlers. What I think is concerning is the fact that some parents really neglect their children in a way that they don’t spend as much time with them as they could and this can finally lead to obesity or even more serious emotional problems. Today’s parents simply don’t realize that children need to interact and cooperate with others in order to develop healthy relationships later in life. That’s why I visited as many baby-centers in Toronto as possible when my children were born. I discovered a number of funny ways to build a strong relationship and I always try to spend as much of my free time as possible with them to avoid similar problems in their adolescence. And I am sure this can hardly be solved by some electronic devices.


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