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It Has Begun

January 6, 2012

Over at Facebook I had a few friends ask me, why I had changed my profile picture back to the Flag and the Statue of Liberty on their side. I had some cutesy picture (I forget what it was.) over Christmas and New Year. So I will answer the question her.

I hope most of you who read this Blog know NDAA2012 has been signed into law by Barrack Obama. This is known as The Patriot Act on steroids. Obama used the Signing Statement to try to make the people think it pained him to sign the bill as is. This as I have pointed out many times is a crock. It was Obama who told the legislature to leave the language that allows for the detention of Americans indefinitely.

So now that this is a law, NOTHING IS BEING SAID! Even though nothing was really ever said in the Main Stream Media, I feel that I have to get it out. Those of us that have been following have to tell it to those who will listen and those who won’t listen will find out when it is too late.

The younger generations for the most part are deaf, dumb, and blind, when it comes to these matters. They have lived under this cloak for so long they truly believe that they would never be censored, and that there government would not turn on them.

Yesterday I was reading an article on the Smothers Brothers and why they were fired off CBS. I just barely remember their show and why it was taken off. (I was around 10 years old at the time.) I remember my cousins talking about the footage they played in the background of the riots.

After I was done reading I decided to look at some videos from their show and I came across an interview with Harry Belafonte in 1992. It was about a song he sang on the show which the censors cut out because of the political over tones. After I had watched the interview I was curious to see the comments. As I read I became pissed. They were about how hot he was at that time. So I had to comment on the comments.

@Streamline09 That is freaking amazing. All? he said, he talks of how the government censored and controlled what we heard, saw and to a point thought. And all you can say is, “uhm if he was 50 years younger.? He is so handsome.” This is why we are going through this again people are ignoring history.

With the passing of NDAA 2012, we are going through this again. The Obama administration just ask Google and other search companies to start removing videos negative towards the government. aba607 21 hours ago

There were other videos that I was skimming through on the SOPA and PIPA bills and the comments just made me give up all hope for these kids. Saying they don’t think these are real bills and that they should be filed with the Illuminati Conspiracy Theory videos. However, even though YouTube is acting the part of the hero, they have put a lot of videos that deal with the things this administration have done on pages with UFOs and other fringe videos.

That is the second reason I changed my profile picture. I feel that the time is near and they are about to complete their agenda.

There was an article being passed around yesterday on Facebook about Google and other search-engines are being ask to censor their selves by taking down videos and pictures showing police brutality. Google said that they refused. Now that it has started and SOPA and PIPA are in the wings, I am afraid soon there will be no asking. Here is the Transparency Report showing the request information.


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  1. freeman permalink
    January 10, 2012 1:31 pm

    Sorry wrong video .


  2. freeman permalink
    January 10, 2012 1:31 pm

    Nice to know some people have sense enough to recognise the death of the bill of rights as the travesty it is .


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