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Pa. Senate Bill 1249 One of Many Bad Moves, (Because of How They Cut The Pie)

January 1, 2012

As the New Year begins, I would like to mention something that most of the citizens of The Common Wealth Of Pennsylvania did not know happened. There has been a major redistricting of our state. In my opinion, it was a power grab by the Republican Party.

However, instead of bitching like I normally do I have decided to explain why I feel here in my area are losing a great Representative.

Pa. Senate Bill 1249 One of Many Bad Moves, (Because of How They Cut The Pie)

Power Grab, by the "R"

This is why we are losing Jesse.

With the passing of the Pa. Senate Bill 1249 we here in the 46 District are losing a good friend who took up the fight for people in our area. Jesse White always fought for the betterment of this area.

I have had the pleasure of meeting Jesse twice. Once at a meeting at the fire hall where he was on a panel explaining the sewage project when it was in the beginning stages for our area.

Jesse was outside before the meeting talking with a few people and introduced myself, and he told me he knew me from FaceBook and my blog. I was impressed. What really impressed me though was he and his staff had all the information needed for those in need of financial help for their connection. Also he answered every question he was asked, without hesitation.

However, the first time I met the man was in that very same building. It was a meeting or may be the better terminology would be discussion on getting a police force for our township and should we join the township with a neighboring township. Jesse took the time to explain all the pros and cons of the move to join the townships and the cost to try to make it happen. (In detail.)

The other speaker was a gentleman that was running against Jesse. When it was his turn to speak he had little to no knowledge of what or how to do it and turned the meeting into a whistle-stop for his Champaign. When he was done he made an excuse and left. Jesse on the other hand stayed and talked to anyone that had questions. I am a man who judges people on first impressions and Jesse made a great first impression with me.

When Marcellus Shale became a hot topic in the region Jesse let the people know right up front, he feels that The Marcellus Shale boon in this area is a good thing for our economy and he is for It. However, he feels the drilling companies should not be allowed to come in to the area and ride roughshod over the citizens and the land. He also does not feel that the politicians in Harrisburg should make zoning decisions in the municipalities and is fighting to stop that from happening and keep zoning in the hands of the local authorities. This is one of the reasons he is working to change Pa. House bill1950.

Jesse brought the municipalities together and formed a Coalition to work out their differences, inform them of their rights, and to help them do what is best for the people of their communities. By doing this, he gave them a forum to air their problems and time for them to get answers to their questions.

Jesse played a key role in bringing sewage systems to many municipalities who because of the cost or other reasons didn’t have them.

We here in Independence Township, Washington Co. Pennsylvania, are losing a State Representative who fights for the people of his district on so many levels they can’t all be listed here. However, I would like to thank Jesse and his staff for all they have done for me and the others in the Western Washington county area.

Jesse White, You sir are a true advocate for the people. You will be missed not only by myself, but by the others in the area, as we lose the passion you have for the people of your district. Like the song says, “You don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone.” Thank-You for everything you do and have done for us.


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