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This White House Makes It Easier to Turn In your Neighbor Than any time Before.

December 22, 2011

I was just browsing the internet the other night, looking for an article I read awhile back. It was about this administration befriending people on Facebook and gathering information “In The Name Of Fighting Terror”.

The way they do this is, they get the names of people you had searched for a few times, and set up an account using that name and then contact you asking you to be their friend.

Another way they do it is, through sites like They just go to the social sites and use names from your class and do the same thing. They suck out things like your political affiliation, are you politically active, and things of that nature. All the while you think you are talking to your long-lost friend.

While I was searching for the article, I came across a blog Two Sisters From the Right. Now normally I have would just have brushed this aside. (The title suggest an agenda.) However, this had an article that caught my eye, “Citizen Snitch”. Now this was nothing new to me since The Patriot Act was shoved into place, because the government started asking the United States citizens to snitch on each other in the name of safety under the George W. Bush administration. Also I had heard that Obama had set up sites to do just that. And these two ladies gave two of the sites.

The first site is, Attack At first glance it looks like any other political site, like a reelection site for a Democrat. It has stories about the Republican candidates. Then on the right hand side of the page about half way down there is a section entitled, “Report An Attack”. In the box they ask for your email, Content of attack or link, then there is a drop down box and it is titled, Type of Attack. The drop down list gives you 9 choices:


TV Interview


Public Statement


Forwarded Email




TV ad


Video Ad


Radio Ad


Robo Call



Number nine upsets me the most. They couldn’t even give the Bloggers our own number.

The other box allows you to upload a photo or document of the attack from your computer.

If you haven’t guessed what this site is yet, it is so they can build their “Black List”. It’s so obvious the main colors of the page are Black and Red. Oh yea, it’s also paid for Obama for America.

Ok, the next isn’t so much a site as an Email address located at and that address is, Now this is set up so you can snitch on you fellow citizen of the “New United States of America”. Maybe that should be, The United States of Paranoia. So, “Keep America Safe and Buy Bonds.”


Ps. If you feel I should be turned in, it would fall under #9 in the “Type of Attack” drop down list.

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  1. December 31, 2011 7:55 am

    need now


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