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THE SUNDAY QUESTION: Why We Are Hear, Is It The Fourth Estates’ Fault?

December 18, 2011

Here is something I don’t understand, it’s the whole total disregard of the passing of the National Defense Authorization Act by the Main Stream Media. Is it they are afraid if they write about what it really is, they will be hauled off?

You know, in my last entry I said it’s not rocket science to figure how we got here with regard to the loss of our freedoms. However, I might be wrong. They did the same thing with The Patriot Act. It was mentioned once or twice and never brought up again. Also, nothing was said when Bush rescinded Posse Comitatus, and he did. They went on covering Katrina as if he announced, his dog Barney had caught a ball.


I have known that this was going to happen for a while now, but the Washington Post is reporting, that by 2011 the military will have 20,000 troops in cities and they are saying it is to help with the people during a nuclear disaster.

Now we here on the so-call fringe knew this going to happen, since George Bush did away with “Posse Comitatus” during hurricane Katrina. Yea you remember, Bush stood in the well-lit Court Yard, while the rest of New Orleans was in dark and the people starved, and waiting on help.

This group that now controls the country, has been trying to remove the Posse comitatus Act of 1878 for a long time now. They have been saying that it does not apply in this times, “when these are the exact times it does apply to”!

With National Defense Authorization Act, Obama will have to place military into states to police or control a situation in a state. This will be in total conflict with Posse comitatus. Oh wait, G.W. Bush did away with Posse comitatus and Reagan took away your Fourth Amendment rights.

As we have seen, especially over the last decade the media, (the so-called Fourth Estate) has been helping in the building of this Police State. By covering stories that were mostly done on a local level, they divert from what is happening in Washington D.C. and the rest of the world. Under the Bush administration it was along line of missing Blond Girls. Now it seems that children are the news of the month. With the passing and soon to be signing of “National Defense Authorization Act” there will be a lot more missing persons to report on. The problem with that is, they will be those who chose to dare talk about the loss of our country. And still, The question remains, “Why”.

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