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Plans of control throughout the Last 2 Decades

December 17, 2011

There have been a plans drawn up in the last decade by the Pentagon on how to handle the US population with the military. Make no mistake that there has been a fear that the citizenry would become restless and unruly do to many different scenarios.

The fear of another collapse of the economy as we had in “The Great Depression”. This was brought about because, the government tried to fix the situation by throwing money at the problem. Not many people know that before 1929 there was another failure of the economy that was allowed to right itself with no interference from the government. Because of that it took less than 1 year to turnaround.

The biggest fear, is something I wrote about under the George W. Bush administration “The Hourglass Economy”.

The Hourglass Economy is when you have the upper echelon, (Millionaires and above) followed by what would then be considered (The upper middle class) The working poor and the Poor.

One of the plans the Pentagon has devised is called, USARNORTH CONPLAN 3502 NLE, 2011 Final. It looks innocent enough, however with everything that has taken place over the last decade and a half, well to me it looks damn scary.

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Back under the Bush administration, Homeland Security came up with a plan called “Endgame”. Endgame is a plan to renovate and build new internment camps for the housing of American Citizens and Illegal Aliens.

In the last couple of entries to this blog I have told you about Kellogg, Browning, and Root (KBR) a subsidiary of Halliburton and the Multi-Million Dollar contract they were awarded by the Bush head of Homeland Security, Michael Chertoff. Under the Endgame contract, KBR is to be ready within 72 hours of notification to staff and have these camps ready for population.

Another plan that was passed through congress no less is, The Civilian Inmate Labor Program. The Civilian Inmate Labor Program has been on the books since 1997, under the Clinton administration. Another little thing that was drawn up in 1993 but had to wait until they could get the right set of circumstances to put it in place is (Drum role Please), The Patriot Act. The Patriot Act is such a bad piece of legislation, it had to be passed in the early hours of the morning by phone calls and those who said they could not vote for it were threatened.

USA PATRIOT ACT is an acronym for, Uniting and Strengthening America by Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism Act. This was the litmus test that showed how fast the American people would give up the freedom for a false sense of security. And it worked. For a number of years following the passing of the Act all the Bush administration had to do was mention 9-11, Al-Qaeda, or The Terrorist, and the people handed over their rights faster than a public crack deal. Even to this day there are those whom would still do it and The National Defense Authorization Act proves that.

There are many other plans, some are still classified and a few I didn’t get to. However, with what I have laid out in the last four entries to this blog it doesn’t take a ‘Rocket Scientist’ to see how we got here.


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