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December 15, 2011

Halliburton along with its subsidiary K.B.R., have been put on 72 hour notice to staff FEMA Camps. This is the same corporation that got a three million dollar no-bid contract under the Bush administration to renovate internment camps used during WWII for Germans Americans and Japanese Americans living here in the United States.

Now that even you are reporting this Glenn, do you believe. Yes Glenn there are FEMA Internment Centers.

Last night it became a spoken law that U.S. citizens can be held indefinitely without a trial, HR 1540, The National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2012 was passed by the House.
As I have said before under The Patriot Act this could be done, but it was not well-known. Now it is out in the open. Also, yesterday I placed a Youtube video in the blog showing that the administration wanted to be able to arrest United States Citizens. Incase you don’t want to watch, Sen. Carl Levine (D) tells how the Obama administration wanted to make sure that the section allowing the arrest of American Citizens was left in, after the committee voted to remove It from the bill.

As I ask yesterday, why are they so brazen as to pass this so close to the 2012 election, if they didn’t know something we don’t. Does it have anything to do with the tons of bills and Presidential Directives and Executive Orders, that give total power to the executive branch in case of a national emergency.

One of the most frightening presidential orders is PD51. PD51 gives the Executive branch power over the Supreme Court. It also says that the President is the only one that can declare a National Emergency which invokes PD51, which then says the president is the only one that can end the national emergency. This is total dictatorial power.

The argument has been made that E.O.s and P.D.s are not legal and mean nothing. However, if the Legislator does not act on the P.D. or the E.O. in 30 days after they are signed, they remain. Guess what. They didn’t act in the allotted time.

It is stacking up that, “We the People” are no longer in charge of the country. It started when, the people feared the government and the government no longer feared the people. How many times have you heard that if you just keep your head down you have nothing to fear. Well that is the attitude that allowed them to pass these bills that brought on this takeover. If the government feared the people would the have passed a bill that allows the imprisonment of US Citizens indefinitely? Would the congress let the Presidential Directives and Executive Orders to stand?

When he came into office Obama said he would rescind the Presidential Directives, and Executive Orders that George Bush put in to place, along with The Patriot Act. What he did was rescind the Signing Statements that George Bush attached to bills. An act that meant nothing, because Signing Statements mean nothing.

As far as The Patriot Act, he signed a harsher version of the act that will never expire. But yet those who blindly followed him stood and cheered. Now with the real chance of him being ousted, a bill that makes the United States a battlefield and allows the arrest of law-abiding citizens by the military has passed through the House and waits his signature. Which he has said he will sign. How’s that “Hope and Change” work’en for you now?!!! “Is this change what you Hoped for?”


Ps. Would this been avoided if McCain would have been in office? NO!

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