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So You Don’t Believe Your Leader Wants To Be Able To Arrest You, Mr. or Mrs. American Citizen.

December 14, 2011

Obama has said that he will not veto, but will sign the National Defense Authorization Act. Don’t be fooled in to thinking that this is a bill that won’t allow the military to be paid, or fund the defense of the country. It is a bill that will allow the military to arrest American citizens and hold them indefinitely with out trail. It is a bill which turns the United States into a battlefield and uses Posse Comitatus to line the bottom of the bird cage. The US military will be allowed into states to police.

Is this a mire coincidence seeing as the Pennsylvania State Police are going to layoff 400 to 500 Troopers from their force of 4,400. This is happening at the same time the Obama starved economy is causing towns and cities to also to do away with police departments, putting more pressure on the state to police these areas.

I wrote on a topic a few years back under the Bush administration about a plan the Pentagon had to put the military into cities, towns, and municipalities, to do this very thing. I was certain that it would happen under Bush’s watch to go along with PD51 and other power grabbing bills put out at the time. However, as I wrote in my last entry, this bill seems to be one of the last steps in the loss of the rights of the citizenry.

Below is a Youtube video that shows Obama and the power behind curtain wanted this to include American Citizens. That is you and me Mr. and Mrs. U.S. citizen.

More Below The Video

One last thing. You have to ask, “Why would they pass this so close to election time, and risk killing any chance they have for reelection?” Maybe they know something we don’t.


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