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So What Exactly is Neo-Conservative (Neo-Con) and What Party Does It Fit?

December 10, 2011

Here is a term we don’t hear much anymore, Neoconservative, or (Neo-Con) This is a term that was used a lot back in the mid 70s to the late 80s. It had a resurgent’s during the George W. Bush Presidency.

By definition a Neo-Con is;


Neo-conservatism in the United States is a branch of American conservatism. Since 2001, neo-conservatism has been associated with democracy promotion, that is with assisting movements for democracy, in some cases by economic sanctions or military action.

However, back before the George W. Bush administration it was used a bit differently.

In contemporary usage, the term “neoconservative” was used from 1973 to criticize American liberals and social democrats who had criticized the ambitions and outcomes of the Great Society’s welfare programs.

Although neoconservatives favor free-market policies in economics, they accept a role for the national government in fighting poverty and promoting the public good, like traditional conservatives in Europe and Canada and unlike most American conservatives, influenced by libertarian traditions.

Irving Kristol is known as the Godfather of Neo-conservatism. He is known in the political arena for “Starving The Beast” (With the Tax Code). In case you think the Beast is the corporation, it’s not. That would be us. He said the first thing you don’t do is mention “starving” when you are Starving The Beast. This philosophy is the main reason you will not see a Fair Tax any time soon.

Irving is the father of William Kristol, editor of the Weekly Standard and signatory of The Project for a New American Centary Doctrine. Irving Kristol played a big part in the Neo-Con movement as does his son. Both are members of The Council Of Foreign Relations (CFR) a seemingly harmless organization which has a very big part in picking the presidential candidates. The CFR is apart of British Royal Institute , which can be traced to J.P. Morgan in 1921. Back then control of the media was easier, control of the print media meant you controlled it all. Then came a new fangled media called radio. The 1940s saw television but on a small-scale until the late 1960s.

Today the CFR controls American media and what you are told. One of the best examples of this happened this month (12-5-2011) with the cover of Time Magazine. The Cover around the world was “Revolution Redux“. The cover here in the US was “Why Anxiety Is Good For You”. The CFR felt that the people of the United States didn‘t need to worry about the Revolution, but that even though you may think that your world is falling apart because of the near depression economy, it’s good for your health.

The term Neo-Con has changed more to the party that it is used to label, as to the actual meaning. One thing remains, no good will ever come from it. It is not about democracy, but control through force, manipulation, and deception.


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