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Obama Speaks of Indefinite Detention of U.S. Citizenry?

December 9, 2011

It was back early after The Patriot Act was rammed into place under the cover of night, I began writing on the renovation of the Internment Centers. From there I did more research and found out about new detention centers being built. It was also around that time that the Republican talking heads started shooting down anyone that brought the subject up. I have been called a conspiracy nut and a Tinfoil Hat wearer. I did not let that get me down or stop my looking into this subject.

Glenn Beck use to talk with Ron Paul about the detention centers, then he changed his tune saying, his research shows that there are no detention centers or FEMA Camps. I am now waiting to see what those who called us conspiracy nuts and the like will say. Will they use this as political propaganda since Obama is the one who said, people who are suspect should and will be held indefinitely. Back under Bush the Right-wingers thought that those of us that would speak out on this topic were talking about George W. Bush. However, anyone that knows the real history of this country realizes that it is much deeper than the person setting in the puppet seat.

Below is a MSNBC video (not one of my favorite sources) on the Obama speech telling of his plans.

[More below Video.]

A bill that passed last week that goes right along with his speech was drafted in secret by Sen. Carl Leven (D) and Sen.John McCain ( R ) the bill is Senate passed S. 1867, National Defense Authorization Act. This activates the opening of FEMA camps across the country. The Congress and the President have declared the United States a Battlefield in war against terror. If you look back under the Bush administration, he really had already done this. Also there were many bills, presidential directives, and presidential orders that hand over power to the executive branch. If anyone remembers, P.D.51 gives the president power even over the Supreme Court. (Dictatorial powers)


Shortly after the Senate voted in The National Defense Authorization Act, S. 1867, according to an exclusive and confidential report given to Alex Jones at, FEMA camps all over the country are now being activated. The report talks of outsourcing and providing temporary fencing, medical, laundry equipment, catering, refuse collection and power supplies. Alex Jones walks us through several acts and bold movements toward confining US citizens into camps.

It seems that the same people who were name calling when it came to things they really don’t know about, might be some of the first to be moved into these facilities if they don’t sling the government propaganda handed them.


ps. If you want to understand more on the loss of your freedoms before you no longer can, go to:


The Bill


The Propaganda

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