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Update:The Second Month Anniversary of Occupy Wall Street (A Peaceful March)

November 17, 2011

Update:N17 Day of Action, Occupy Wall Street Gets Ugly 1:45 11/17/11

The police opened the Gates and let the protesters in this morning and then they brought in reinforcements and then raided the park. They are using it to hold them. The cops then proceeded to beat them with their baton. The police rushed the park and began beating them. This is not the America I know. They will not let the protesters leave they are holding them. One of the cops split a protesters head open. There was nothing done that warranted this action by the cops.

OWS at around 4:10 the crowds took to the street and the police were out numbered but that changed quickly as the police swarmed in and took the streets back pushing the marchers back. By doing this the police tied up the traffic. The marchers turned on to 14th street and police ran trying to block them off. Instead of allowing the marchers to move on through getting the roads open they are trying to stop the march.

The New York people are getting to see what a police state looks like, as they are having to show their papers to get from point A to point B. The marchers have been surrounded by the police on Broad Way. The police are being leery about the live stream cameras. The unions are going to join the 3 to 5 Thousand marchers already there. It has been reported by different live stream reporters that undercover police have been trying to incite violence.

OWS: 4:39, The police have moved most of the protesters to the sidewalks. The crowd was stop at the crosswalks as 50 unmarked police cars and vans drove through. At 5:00 est the marchers are suppose to try and shut down the bridges. With darkness closing in in will become harder for police to keep control with the threat of Black Blockers. Black Blockers are, people that are radicals that are not affiliated with the OWS. There is footage of OWS protesters stopping Black Blockers from overturning dumpsters and slashing the tires of police cars.

“The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.”
Thomas Jefferson

As I watch the Occupy Wall Street two month march on Wall Street it is peaceful. However there have been reports of a few arrest, one was a person in a wheel chair.

The police have ask the protesters to remove a banner that was placed on one of the buildings and the protesters complied with that request. So far the crowd upwards of one thousand remain peaceful and have chanted “We Are The 99%”, A unity clap, and other chants started by people in the crowd.

As of 10:05 the crowd showed the Unhappy hand sign, meaning that they want to move to another spot on the route. One of the favorite chants is “Mic Check, followed by a message.” They want to march and they show that by the happy hands signal which is “Holding Up Their Hands and wiggling their fingers.” So at 10:10 they started to march towards Broad Way and Pine. The police are asking the protesters to get on the sidewalk. At 10:12 the police are said to have the Riot control Sound-wave machine. This has been used 3 or 4 time before. What it does is, disorient the people with sound waves. It was first used in this country in New Orleans, during Hurricane Katrina. At 10:18 the crowd reach Zuccotti park. The protesters are disbanding until one-o-clock.

One of the what should be a big story is the arrest of Ray Lewis a Philadelphia police captain, that was with the Occupy crowd. At 10:22 the police opened Zuccotti park to the protesters. There were about 40 arrest as of 10:15.


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  1. November 17, 2011 7:30 pm

    WTF is a second month Anniversary? Anniversary = yearly not monthly or 2 monthly…Is today the second day anniversary of yesterday? Noooooooooooooo


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