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The Marcellus Shale Saga Continues. The GOP Wants To Control Zoning

November 14, 2011

Where Do They Stand

Well its here, the time for the Pennsylvania legislators to show what they are really made of and what side the are on. This bill makes them show their hand. House Bill 1950 is basically Governor Corbett’s, but that isn’t a shocker seeing since his swearing in he has done everything but let the drilling companies write their own laws. (Up front that is.)


More than two months after his Marcellus Shale Advisory Commission laid out a road map for natural gas regulation, Governor Corbett has unveiled a wide-ranging plan to, among other things, impose an impact fee on drillers.

Before you start saying, Well at least he is doing something, lets not forget it will be the lowest in the nation at (one percent). Corbett and the GOP are going to protect the drillers before the voters and they have and are making that clear.

In my last entry on this bill, I pointed out how this makes the local municipalities chose between receiving a very low percentage of a ridiculously low severance tax. (The percentage the bill asks for is one percent.) Or ask for nothing bearing in mind, they may not receive any financial on the repair of road and property damage. This is something that is already needed. If you have traveled from Avella via rout 50 /844 to Washington, or Avella to Claysville you see that the roads are in ruins. It is almost as bad going from Avella to West Virginia.

If the bill passes as it is written, Pennsylvania will be the only state with Marcellus Shale drilling taxing lower than two percent. Even West Virginia has a severance tax of 5.8 percent. Texas, who has been drilling friendly in the pasty has a Tax of 2 percent. With a 1 percent tax to be collected by the counties, some are afraid that they won’t even bother to invoke or collect.

The GOP wants the counties and municipalities to handle the collection of the tax, but are on the opposite side with the zoning. Apparently they feel that they can know what’s better for the citizenry and their property, or should I say that they feel they can help the drillers to get the land owners land easier if they set the zoning. House Bill 1950, is in line with United Nations Agenda 21. One way to help defeat this bill is, get the word out that “It will take the zoning out of the hands on the local level and put at the state level, and higher up.”


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