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The Land Of The Free. Part? and Part??

November 9, 2011

editor’s note; The second article is more important than gambling. However, both hold a single excuse for the Federal Government to remove freedoms and gain control.

The other day I was watching a Texas Hold’em tournament on ESPN while waiting on the Ravens -vs.-Steelers game. (I should have finished watching the Poker tournament.) While I watched, I noticed that a most of the players didn’t have sponsors on their hats, shirts or jackets. For many years it was common place to see Full Tilt Poker, Poker Stars, and other online sites, advertising on articles of clothing during the final table. Why not this time? Then I remembered, Here in the land of the free we are not allowed to gamble on line. For those who don’t follow poker ten years after the fall of the Towers, The Terrorist Are Still Winning!!

It seems those of us who would like to put ten or twenty dollars down and play poker, or any type of game of chance on line, “We are helping the Terrorist! I mostly play for free on line and get into a Free-roll Tournaments to try and win entry to a TV tournament, or a trip to Los Vegas to play. However, because of you poker playing terrorist these sites were seized by the U.S. Government at the domain level and I have no place to play poker “online”.

Ok, you are asking yourself, “What in the hell does terrorist have to do with online gambling?” The legislature in their infinite wisdom decided to shut this down because, one Asshole congress man made this his crusade and said, 9-11, poker, and terrorist in the same sentence. You can also bet he was from below the Bible Belt. Oh wait, no you can’t bet on that or you are helping the terrorist. “LAND OF THE FREE MY ASS”.

The reason they are going after online gambling, has something to do with the laundering of money to the boogieman. Why I think they really did it, “They couldn‘t figure out a way to get more money out of it.” However that didn‘t last long because, they are fining the [craps] right out of these sites. They are using laws that were never meant for this, to seize and shutdown gambling sites.

When you go to a site to play you receive a message that reads something like this; “You cannot play on this site because your IP address shows you are in a country that does not allow online gambling.” I have also run into the sites that spell it out, You are in the United States.

Land Of The Free. Part??

One of the other things that sticks out and shows, you are not in a Free Choice Country is Medical Marijuana. One of the ways this is like their war on Online Gambling is they use the propaganda, “If you buy marijuana you are helping the terrorist.” When most of the Marijuana used for medical purposes is grown in the United States.

In years past, if you were running for office you stayed away from this. In the last Presidential Primary Obama did a YouTube Town Hall, and the main question was about medical marijuana and he played it off as there is no way that we will fix the economy by selling joints. Also the question retrievers made it seem as if it was the last question ask, when in fact it was the most ask question.

I am not going to go through the reasons that it was made illegal, because either you know or you don’t buy the history. I will tell you that there are stories out there about how amazing this natural herb heals. Hemp oil has been scientifically tested and proven to help in the cure and remission of cancers.

Even though a growing amount of people in the United States feel that marijuana has healing qualities and some states have made medical marijuana legal, the Federal Government does not recognize these qualities. The problem is that organizations like NORMAL don’t have the monetary resources that companies like Pfizer and DOW Chemical have.

A father in Montana (Cash Hyde) faced one of the most devastating things any parent could ever face. His two year old son was diagnosed with brain cancer. The boy had gone through chemo treatments that left so weak for forty days he could not eat anything solid. The medical field told them that they had to just go home and let nature take its course. Not being able to believe it was over for his son, so he turned to medical marijuana therapy.


The little boy had to have arduous chemotherapy treatment to reduce the growth, which had drastic side effects including seizures and a blood infection.

His distraught parents were repeatedly told he was likely to succumb to the illness because the condition was so bad.
After one bout of high-dose chemotherapy, Cash was so weak he could not lift his head and was too sick to eat any solid food for 40 days.
It was at this point that Mr. Hyde decided to take action and go down the route of medical marijuana to try to help his young son.

Mr Hyde said: ‘He hadn’t eaten a thing in 40 days – and, it was really incredible to watch him take a bite of a piece of cheese. It shows that he wants to live’.

He credits the cannabis oil with helping his son get through the chemo, and say Cash has now been declared cancer free by doctors.
The boy is now back and home and living the life of a typical young boy, playing with his elder brother Colty.

Medical marijuana is legal in some states, including Montana, but its use for children is poorly understood and quite rate.
The US federal government does not recognize the legality of using the drug for medical reasons and frequently clashes with states over the issue.

To save the life of a child or a loved one, is there any better reason to allow the use of an herb put here by a higher power to heal. I would go to any extreme to save a loved one.


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  1. SteveI46 permalink
    November 9, 2011 5:53 pm

    This issue is troublesome to me; having in my younger and rebellious years abused the substance for my own selfish purposes – non medicinal. Its illegality added no small “thrill” I’m sure. Fortunately, The LORD delivered me from this selfish habit.

    The only reports I’ve read concerning the benefits of its use are purely anecdotal, as in the account presented here. Could we see some test results from double-blind studies? Aspirin and penicillin seem to have beneficial uses, but everyone cannot tolerate taking them. Could Marijuana ever be taken out of the ranks of being a political football, and be considered on its own merits, or demerits? Could someone actually make an informed choice after consulting with their physician considering ALL the pros and cons? I think so.

    Naturally, if it became legal, nation-wide, there would always be those who would take advantage of the system. But they would have to “pay the piper” eventually.


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