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Setting The Record Straight Independence Township Wash Co. Pa.

November 7, 2011

It seems, while I was out of town for an extended weekend the race for Independence Township heated up with mud-slinging and a bit of untruthfulness was addressed and sent to the homes of registered voters in Independence Township Wash Co.

The letter starts out; To the voters of Independence Township:

If you care about our future, please read this all the way through before you vote – then decide. So I did, and it was written in a defamatory way, with accusations and falsehoods.

The letter opens attacking Kevin Balzer the republican candidate, calling him and what he has done for the community and township a, “Nothing, Zero, Zip!!” They say that Kevin ask the township if they would contribute 200 thousand towards renovating the Lincoln Bank Building. I was always told, “It never hurts to ask, because they can only say no.”

(Incase you don’t live in the township, the bank renovation was a hot topic. I say was because it is now being done by a private group, with donations, grants and other fund raising activities.) However, some people would have you believe it is taking money from the township.

In the next paragraph they go after Louis Brandenburg. Lou is the democratic candidate. As with Kevin, they say in his time living here Lou has done absolutely nothing, zero. zip. However, they word this as if there is doubt if Mr. Brandenburg has ever lived here. The facts are, he was born and raised in the town of Avella and graduated from Avella High School.

They also attack Mr. Brandenburg’s service as a Hopewell Township Supervisor by saying that he was appointed to fill an empty seat for 2 years. This is an out right lie, as I am setting with possession of the Certificate Of Election, dated December 8, 1997, from the Washington County Board of Elections. It states, “LOUIS A BRANDENBURG Jr. was duly elected SUPERVISOR (6 YEARS)

Please understand that the letter written on behalf Jim Wright, was mailed at a time so close to the election that a rebuttal by the other candidates would be all but impossible. Also so that the average citizen would not be able research or question the allegations.

The Democratic and Republican candidates whom are on the ballot, came together and put out a letter to rebut the untruths of The committee for Jim Wright as a Write-In, put in their strategically mailed letter.

The two men on the ballot care enough about the township, they have come together to put the truth out there in the hope that one of them are elected to improve and move the community forward. Their letter is below.


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