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You May Lose Your Child Over What You Eat?

July 19, 2011

This probably is not what the people who voted for Obama wanted. However, what did they expect when they voted for the man that basically told us, he was for a Nanny Nation. The country was being trained under the Clinton administration with the reasoning, “It’s for the children”.

I was watching the WTAE 6:00 Pm news for the latest on the storms hitting the area. Just as I was getting ready to turn the TV off, a story came on about a woman that had her child taken from her right after giving birth. She had false positive blood test. The test showed positive for an Opiate. However, according to her attorney, it was minimal and not enough to warrant removing the child.

Eileen Bower got the news the day after giving birth to Brandon in July 2009.


Her lawyer, Stanley Booker, said the boy was taken for 75 days and lived with three foster families before being allowed to go to his grandmother and then eventually back to his mother.

“She’s never tested positive for drugs. The only thing that could give her positive results is an item called Salad Supreme, which contained some poppy seeds,” Booker said.

If you’re a parent of a child what Ms. Bower describes below is what really hurts.

“To know somebody else is raising my son, somebody else is feeding him, somebody else is bathing him, dressing him, being what they want him to be — it was very hard,” Bower said.

Below the story in the comments, a few people bring up the point that if the government didn’t do anything there would be an outcry of a different kind. What this shows is those few didn’t read the whole article, or they just didn’t comprehend what they read. The other thing could be that they just viewed the clip. We do live in a sound bite culture.

So I tend to believe that this is not what those who voted for Obama wanted when they voted him into office back in 2008. However, this is what you get when an uninformed citizenry votes. If the current trend continues, Americans will have enough time on their hands to completely research the candidates, because they will not have a job.

Unfortunately, we as a whole are not given a great set of choices, because anyone that becomes president must be approved by the C.F.R. (Council on Foreign Relations). What is needed in the country that might help turn it around is a totally independent party. Not an Offshoot of the two major parties like The Tea Party.


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