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The Ramblings Of Things Past and to Come !

June 27, 2011

Ok, it’s been quite some time since I gave a my opinion on this blog. Let me rephrase that, “Total opinion.” When I have written on fracking some of my opinion has leaked in. However, I have always backed it up with the facts and where I had gotten those facts and statistics with a link.

Today I will be talking on the short term memory loss of the country. This is not so much a commentary, as it is an observation of the thing happening around the country and world. If these things were done by a person over sixty, they would be called an old burned out hippy.

There are things that were put in place under George W. Bush and all my liberals friends started screaming how unjust these things are. I mean, it was the Rush Limbaugh crowd that were saying if you are innocent you have nothing to worry about under “The Patriot Act”. Right?

It was the Right that was telling us that we had nothing to fret when P.D.51 was allowed to remain in place. (Hmmm) When the Thought Police were enacted under HR 1955/ Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act of 2007, which is known as the “Thought Crime Bill”. Incase you forget this is the bill that allows the Government to take your house, and money because, “They Think that you Thought. Also, if you say anything that they deem to hurt the war effort, they can take control of your property.

I argued with a friend in the Political Chat Rooms over at , that Barrack Obama would not do anything to reverus the One World Order path we were set on decades ago by democrats and republicans alike.

However, I did say, Obama would remove “The Patriot Act”, “Presidential Directive 51”, and the above mentioned “HR 1955” plus other moves made by Bush towards total executive power, I would admit that I was wrong and Obama was the savior the country “nay”, the world was looking for. Well I was not wrong about Obama, and I was even more on target with him that even I thought. The sad thing about it is, this person and most of the Obama followers still blindly follow him even after they see what he has done and is doing. Also, because of this blind admiration and because of the outright hatred coming from the right, we will not get a person in the office who is for the people. Instead we will see people placed in the puppet seat to carryout the agenda of the One World Order.

We are seeing more and more the people willing to climb on the wagon and want the government to take care of them. This was never more prevalent than in the 2008 election. Even though these people want taken care of they still say, they don’t want a Socialist or Communist government. These statements show most of the people don’t know what these forms of government are. Of course most are the same people who don’t understand, we don’t live in a democracy, but in a Representative Democratic Republic.

I feel if the founding fathers were alive today, they would not recognize the country or that The Constitution is the governing document. Despite what the Talking Heads are telling you about the administration, the country resembles a Fascist State more than any of the above forms of government. The government takeover of General Motors, was one of the biggest step in that direction in the past 30 years. If you find a “K” car, you have found an example of the other.

While some people set back and dig there heels in against Socialism and Communism, others applaud while not understanding we are being pushed towards a One World Order. Oh, if you haven’t heard, since it is known and is no longer considered a conspiracy theory, it is not The New World Oder. The code is The “ONE” World Order. I really think it is because they were getting confused with The New World Order Wrestling Federation.

So for those of you who think, it really matters who you vote for on the Federal Level, look around while you can because, this will not last long before you tell you grandchildren, “I remember when you could speak freely, and they didn’t take you away.


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