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Agenda 21, Glenn Beck Decides To Talk On This Serious Coming Reality (No really)

June 16, 2011

I wanted to write once again on this because as stated above in the title, Beck will be filling his listeners in on this tonight and tomorrow. However, from the little I caught of his show, it will be about George Soros and the money he is putting in to Agenda 21.

So if you walk away from this with nothing else remember these things about UN Agenda 21:

1.United Nations

2.Loss of Property Rights

3.Global Government

4.Agenda 21

So you don’t know what Agenda 21 is? You might be thinking that if it came from Glenn Beck it is a bunch of malarkey. Agenda 21 has been around for decades and I have written on the subject for years. It is not a conspiracy theory as they would like you to believe. The reason they would want you to think that it is a conspiracy theory is because if you write it off as such, they can continue to work behind the scenes.

Well if you listen to some it is away to take your Property Rights by the government, and this is somewhat true. However it goes to the United Nations, and it is not being pushed by any one party is this country. Agenda 21 was pushed by George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and yes Barrack Obama.

Agenda 21 is an agenda drawn up by the U.N. which gives detailed directions on how to relieve the citizenry of their property by eminent domain, rescue/relief efforts, and other underhanded means.

If you think that they aren’t using eminent domain, ask any landowner that fond their land in the path of the Texas Corridor, aka (The NAFTA Super Highway.)

When the United States Government and The World Bank send money and relief efforts to countries, it is not out of the goodness of their hearts, there is a lot more behind it and control is the main thing.

Understanding What is at Risk

The thing about Agenda 21 is that if you don’t read all the components of the agenda it looks as if it is about the air pollution and the effects one country has on another. However, when you read everything in context, you see the power that is taken from the masses.

Since the writing of Silent Spring in 1962, the push of Agenda 21 was on. The full out look of the agenda is scattered in many different documents that were published over the years. Now we find Agenda 21 being entitled “Smart Growth” and many other code names.


There are 1,168 cities, towns, and counties worldwide that are members of the International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives (ICLEI) – Local Governments for Sustainability, which is an international association of local governments as well as national and regional local government organizations that have made a commitment to sustainable development.

Under “Smart Growth” The U.N. has laid out what should be done in order to move the agenda forward.

Rezoning of thousands of acres of beautiful, low-density agricultural farmland and protected residential conservation land into office parks

Down-zoning of agriculture land to prevent future subdivision by farmers

Up-zoning of low-density residential land around small towns into higher density zoning to permit construction of hundreds or possibly thousands of inclusive housing units, including apartments and condominiums

Inclusive housing with placement of multi-family construction on in-fill lots within existing residential single family communities

Endorsement of government-sponsored housing initiatives (subsidies) to ensure healthier, balanced neighborhoods

Any person in the U.S. that relishes their freedoms, privacy and property rights, must push back against Smart Growth, Pathway, and any other name they are using to hide Agenda 21 from the public, as they push Global Government forward.

As for those who think this is the way to go for clean air, water, and land. I can only hope you see the error of your ways before our children have to pay for you stupidity.


Ps. If you live here in Western Pennsylvania, you are seeing this in action to a degree with the Marcellus Shale drilling.

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  1. June 21, 2011 8:15 pm

    Thumbs up!! I, too, have been writing about this at my blog: Keep up the great work and don’t stop spreading the word about Sustainable Development, Smart Growth, and Agenda 21. We have to not only stop it. but reverse it and get our sovereignty back. Thanks for your post here!



  1. Agenda 21, Glenn Beck Decides To Talk On This Serious Coming Reality « Thoughts in Word

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