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Fracking and The Great White Lie

May 28, 2011

It really gets to me when I hear people say, we should let companies like Range Resources and Chesapeake Energy drill with out paying tax and Impact Fees here in the Great Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Because, by doing that we are getting closer to becoming energy independent. They also believe, it will lower the cost of heating our homes. If these people could see past the almighty dollar these companies dangle in front of them like a carrot in front of a mule, they might realize most of the natural gas from fracking is being bought up by foreign governments, liquefied and sent overseas. Countries like China are buying controlling interest in some of these companies and reaping profits.

The question is becoming is it worth the poisoning of our waterways and ground water to supply counties with what we are falsely being told will allow the United States to break free of foreign oil. (Which is in itself false, because we get the most of our oil (80%) from Canada and Mexico.)


A leading player in the natural gas grab is China, whose thirst for energy to fuel its industrial explosion is growing rapidly. Others include the governments of South Korea and India, and companies in Great Britain, the Netherlands, Norway, Japan and Australia.

Paul Cicio, the president of Industrial Energy Consumers of America which represents large U.S. manufacturers said,

“Exporting newfound natural gas is a strategic blunder that will cost American manufacturing jobs by hiking the price of gas here. This is not good for our country.”

In my opinion, allowing this to continue will be as big of a hit to the economy of The United States as NAFTA was. (If not worse.)

Most from Pennsylvania know, Governor Corbett took large contributions from the Drilling Lobby and Drilling companies during his campaign. Corbett also rescinded laws that tightly controlled drilling in state own forest and parks, and did not allow the direct dumping of Frack waste water in rivers and creeks. So is it any wonder that Corbett is all for the exporting of the Natural Gas? This from the man that told school districts, lease to the drilling companies to over come the cuts in latest budget. Some school districts have leased (Fort Cherry) and it is still not enough to over come the cuts. FYI, there is a billion in surplus, which is enough to lighten all the cuts to schools, and community service programs. Including medical cuts.

Patrick Henderson, senior adviser on energy matters to Gov. Tom Corbett, said the possible export of Marcellus gas overseas “doesn’t hurt the argument that we need to develop the resource.” He said it underscores that the United States needs to develop technology that uses natural gas.
“Exporting is generally a good thing, though our first choice would be to use it here,” he said. Corbett doesn’t believe Pennsylvania should tax Marcellus shale gas aimed for overseas because it would be difficult “to craft a tax” based on where the gas is used, he said.

People get the impression I am against Hydraulic Fracturing. The truth be known, I am not totally against it. It needs to be done safely, and not the way coal was ripped out of the ground and the towns left in shambles. All precautions must be taken to save the water, and not let them take devastating amounts from lakes and creeks killing the aquatic live there. At three different time Cross Creek lake was hurt from spills and the pulling of water from the lake for fracking.

We must stop the dumping of waste water directly into the rivers and creeks, from which our city water is drawn from. It was suspicious that town where show contaminated water, but the latest report said that none was found.

We were told that the Marcellus boon would create thousand of jobs for the area, however it hasn’t. The majority of workers are from out of state. Which points to the short lived upside of Fracking, the economy.

Stores and shops along with rentals might have seen a slight up swing in business, but will that money go to the community. As I said this is all a short lived benefit of fracking. Like I said in another blog there are few left in this village that remember what happen after the coal companies were done with Avella. It is now a shell of what it once was.


Ps. I just got this in. It seems Chevron who is going to buy Chesapeake Energy’s Marcellus end, put out an ad that tells of the dangers of fracking. It was an accident.

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  1. Duh permalink
    May 29, 2011 11:52 am

    If there were two of you, you’d be a halfwit.


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