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Will Your Favorite Sites Be There In the Future

May 23, 2011

As some of you know the freedom of the internet is at risk and may soon be controlled by the cable and phone companies. Not that it isn’t in some ways already.

If Net Neutrality becomes law this blog and thousands of other small voices could be silenced. Our legislators are seemingly going to hand over total control to companies like AT&T, and Verizon. The members of congress are trying to gain political points by handing this power over to what once was called (The Public Utilities). However, the only thing this will mean is the death to “Freedom of Speech” on the internet.

Under this bill they will be able to regulate the bandwidth to the sites as they see fit. Also they can totally shutdown any site that disagrees with their philosophy, and political views. Although you will here will never allow that, you can bet it will soon follow. Any site that a minority of people say they find offensive will be force of the internet. We saw it on the air waves with Bill Maher after (11-2001). With that said he went to HBO and is doing quite well. (I guess he is I haven’t watched him in over two years.)

In the Senate, Republicans have introduced a “resolution of disapproval” that would strip the FCC of its authority to protect our right to free speech online. Both of these moves come at a time when phone and cable giants are already restricting our ability to connect with others and share information.

Now the other feeling I have on this is, The FCC should not impose its self as the sole controller of the internet. One reason is that they are susceptible to Government and political control. The true private sector is the best way to regulate what the internet needs, and how to protect it. In fact the above paragraph shows what could happen if mega companies or the government is handed complete control.

Under George W Bush the FCC was used to censor indecency on the public airwaves. However, under Obama the FCC wants companies to give up used sectors and bring wireless internet to rural areas so that everyone will have internet with the development of a new Set Top Box that will deliver cable and the internet to these areas. This was all included in the FCC’s report that was brought before congress in March 2011.

So as you can see everything that this president promised has strings attached. They each control a little bit of your soul, or as the internet bill will do (erase your freedom of speech, and thought).

Most will say as they did with the Healthcare Law, “What is wrong with free internet?” It will become you will watch what they want you to watch, not what you want. So take care what you wish for, because it won’t be what you want.


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