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Another Spill, How Will it Effect the Public Thought on Marcellus Drilling?

April 26, 2011

With the leadership in Harrisburg doing everything in their power to capitalize off of Fracking at any cost. Chesapeake Energy is at the center of another accident that has the potential to pollute hundreds of acres of land at the least. If the runoff is not handled it could reach the streams and rivers. By the way the Gov. Tom Corbett has already removed laws that would stop dumping fracking water in water supplies.


Pennsylvania’s top energy utility regulator says he’s enthusiastic about the potential of the Marcellus Shale natural gas formation and that critics of the industry’s environmental record aren’t taking the time to educate themselves about it.


“He told a crowd of several hundred that the industry wouldn’t be in business if it didn’t seek to protect the environment, and that Pennsylvania will develop regulations that fully utilize shale gas.”

That seems all that is left for them to do because, they have started doing away with the regulations that were put in place to help protect the communities. After the spill in Leroy Pennsylvania there will be an on slot of propaganda from the drilling industry.

Here in Avella it has been over three months and the only news on the Powers explosion is that they will not release the EPA’s report. They keep saying that there is no danger, however they wont release the findings to the public.

The local news ran right out to Avella and interviewed some of the people that witnessed the explosion that night. One of the people interviewed was Carol Moten. She was touched personally by her well being contaminated by fracking.

So it is looking more and more that the citizenry of Pennsylvania is not going to have a voice, but the drilling industry will be able to do what ever the want.


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