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Range Resources Wants to Take Their Ball and Go Home

April 6, 2011

Well it has finally happened. Range Resources is seriously threatening to pullout of Mt. Pleasant Township because the township supervisors are doing what the people put them in place to do. And that would be, to watch out for the well being of the people and the township.

In response Range Resources has sent out three confusing letters to some of the citizenry of Mt. Pleasant Township over the last seven days. One letter points to the possibility of those who have money coming in from leasing will lose their cash flow because of the actions of the supervisors.


“While we have made every effort to establish a positive and robust working relationship with your elected officials, our attempts continue to be rejected,” says the unsigned letter on company letterhead. “As a result, we are sending this communication to inform you that we have revised our future long-term plans in the township.” It notes those revisions “may prove detrimental to leaseholders.”

What this is, is a way for R.R. and others in the drilling industry to divide the community in hope of stopping the Co-Op of neighboring municipalities. They want to stop them from gaining a better grip on what the drilling companies can and cannot do to their communities to get to the gas under their municipality.

From what I am reading is the township does not want living quarters on the actual well site. One of the other issues is that the supervisors want to be able to visit the site of a gas well anytime, along with the building of noise fences.


A meeting March 8 was held with William Dinsmore, supervisor chairman, Larry Chome, zoning officer, township manager Mary Ann Stevenson and attorney Christopher Rogers for the township, and James Cannon, public affairs specialist, and attorney Kenneth Komoroski from Range.

Range provided a draft of a model ordinance it wants the township to adopt.
According to a follow-up letter Stevenson sent six days later, Cannon had said a letter would be sent to residents and, if the township adopted the model ordinance, the letter would paint supervisors in a good light. If not, it would spell out how landowners could sue the township and individual supervisors. The company said they had to make a stand somewhere and Mt. Pleasant was that place.

So why is it that R.R would chose to make a stance in Mt. Pleasant? It might be because the largest percentage of the gas wells are in that area. It might also be, the people have built their lives around the money from Range.

There are nightmare stories about drilling companies going into other states and bulling the people and communities until they have gotten their way with the laws and ordinances.

The biggest mistake that was made before the Gas Industry came into Pennsylvania was we did not put a Marcellus severance tax on the industry. The company is saying how bad it is to work in the state, it can’t be that bad seeing that we are the only state that does not have that tax in place.

I hope that if Range does pullout the other municipalities don’t tuck their tails and cave to the company without thinking of their citizenry first. It would be a real hit to the areas’ economy for the industry to leave however you can‘t just let them come in and do what they want

The meeting to night will be held at the Hickory Fire Hall tonight from 6:00 to 8:00. It is sponsored by Range Resources to explain their future plans for the township.


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