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One of Things Governor Corbett is Doing to the State By Siding With the Fracking Industry

March 29, 2011

What the people in towns like Avella need to realize is, even though we get our water piped in we are still drinking this crap, because we get the water from those waters. I switched to bottled water after reading that our Governor rescinded laws stopping the dumping of this waste water directly into the waterways where our water is taken from.

I started filtering my water a few years ago when the water from my tap was making my dog sick. By doing that I fixed the problem. However, with in the past six months he was getting sick when he would drink his water, so I bought some bottled water and after a few days he was doing fine.

I don’t cook with or anything but wash clothes, dishes and shower. Even filtering does not remove all pollutants. Yes, I realize that not all the pollutants in the water come from Fracking, however dumping fracking waste waters in the source of our drinking water is just criminal.

The clip below is very informative on what is being dumped in the waters we are suppose to drink cook and clean with. Also, Dr. Volzs assistant is the pride of Avella when it comes to this subject.

As I am writing this, talk radio is trashing people that understand what the Hydraulic Fracturing industry is getting away with. Also that Dr. Volz is a crack pot. As for the people I am listening to right now (at 9:48 am, in the Pittsburgh area, and on the same station that runs a show on Sunday that is Pro Fracking) Figure it out yet? I will not give the name because of the fear of legal possibilities. However, I wonder have their opinions been swayed by the industry? (Hummm).


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