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One State Gets It, N.J Places a Ban On Fracking

March 15, 2011

One State Gets It

It seems that last Friday New Jersey decided to send a clear message to the neighboring states (Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Ohio, and New York) by signing (unanimously) into law S-2576. This law outright bans Hydraulic Fracturing from the state of New Jersey. It also restricts the 105 superfund toxic waste dumps from taking waste from fracking.

The bills sponsor New Jersey state senator Bob Gordon describes the need and what the impact for this ban will be.


“The environmental dangers of this procedure and the risks they would pose to New Jersey residents are abundantly clear. In fact, I believe it poses the greatest risk we have seen to our drinking water in our lifetime.

This is something we simply cannot allow to come to our state.”
“By passing this legislation we can prevent this hazardous process from happening in New Jersey before it ever gets started. Moreover, we can set the environmental protection example for all other states in the country.”

New Jersey has the knowledge to say no to the money. and yes to cleaning the air, land, and water. However, they are protecting the health of the people.

Of course they are looking at what this relatively new industry is doing to other parts of the country. They also are learning from their past mistakes. Something the Governor of other states are not. Pennsylvania and West Virginia should have learned from the coal industry especially from strip mining and in West Virginia Mountain Top removal, all because they did not fallow through with regulations.

Here in Pennsylvania our newly elected and in need of a recall Tom Corbett has seen it fit to allow the drilling companies to dump fracking water directly in to the rivers of the state where most of the drinking water comes from. He has also opened public lands to drillers. These lands include State Parks, Forrest, and Game Lands.

In New York the governor is going to lift the seven month moratorium on fracking in June. This is being done despite the public outcry in the state.


With his past actions clearly showing his disregard for the environment, law makers feel that Governor Christie might attempt to overturn this action.


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