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Maybe We (Here In Avella) Can Be The Next Love Canal-(Think of the Tourism)

February 27, 2011

We are in the middle of a big Marcellus Shale drilling boon here in South Western Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Ohio. This has become a hot topic in this area especially since we had an explosion on the drilling pad right across the valley from my house on Wednesday. The company that is operating that site is Chesapeake Energy.

So it was not that big of a shock when while I was digging for another blog that I am writing I came across this little tidbit. What should really anger people is that there was no announcement or even an explanation of why it was done by Corbett. One might guess that it is because this administration is in the Drilling Industry’s bed.


On Friday Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett’s administration rescinded an EPA rule that would make drilling companies gather small collections of air from sites and compressor stations and basically count them as one lager sample.

Corbett is bending over backwards to grant the every whim of Marcellus Shale drilling industry. Corbett let it be known during his run for Governor that he was on the side of the drilling industry, and for that he received 1 million in campaign contributions.

It is no surprise that people that are speaking out in favor of letting these companies ride roughshod over the state have received gifts from the companies in a mortuary, or other form.

The policy DEP rescinded today set criteria for DEP to consider a collection of smaller sources of air pollution associated with related gas drilling activities as one large source of air pollution and require the drillers to install pollution controls to reduce the pollution. By rescinding the policy, DEP gives up a valuable tool for evaluating and reducing air pollution.

“If this rollback stands, it could effectively exempt Marcellus drilling from key air pollution laws, close the door on citizen involvement in permits, and lead to more air pollution,” said Jarrett. “PennFuture will be working hard to get this policy reinstated so drilling does not make air pollution worse and pose larger threats to public health.”

This is the second rollback by Corbetts administration. The regulations for drilling on public lands also suffered a serious blow early on in the Corbett administration./


The Corbett administration took the step as the former head of Rendell’s parks and forests agency warned that drilling companies are studying about a half-dozen state parks, including Ohiopyle in Southwestern Pennsylvania and Pymatuning and Maurice K. Goddard in Northwestern Pennsylvania.

Road cutting, pipe laying, truck traffic and drilling will be a jarring experience for people who use the parks for camping, rafting and hiking, said John Quigley, who led the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources under Rendell

Maybe it is a great thing that Corbett is rolling back these regulations. Maybe it’s time that South Western Pennsylvania got its own LOVE CANAL.


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  1. April 3, 2011 4:28 pm

    We have had a few spills that killed some of the fish population in Cross Creek Lake right up the road from me. They also pulled so much water from the lake, it also hurt the Aquatic life in the lake and the creek the overflow feeds.

    Also the spillage in fields has killed cows, and wild life causing them to literally exploded. So you could say that it has had a horrific effect on us in this area. However, the ones making the big money are denying it to the end.


  2. Danielle permalink
    March 11, 2011 10:58 am

    Your blog is great, I stumbled on it when searching for Marcellus Shale drilling contaminates water. I watched the Gasland documentary last night and I was wondering how it was effecting Western PA and I hadn’t hear anything on the news about it.

    Keep up informing the un-informed about what’s going on! Thanks!



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