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On Going Investigation into the Explosion at Avella Gas Wells, and Other Stories

February 25, 2011

Here we are day two after the explosion in Avella. According to the Pittsburgh Post Gazette the investigation is still on going at the Chesapeake Energy, Joseph Powers site. The site is still shutdown and will remain down until the investigation is completed.

Yesterday at the company’s South Point facility vice president of corporate development, Scott Rotruck gave the companies explanation of what is happening with the investigation. Rotruck also declined to comment on reports Wednesday from residents near the wells that they had smelled natural gas before the fire.


“We’d like to apologize to nearby residents who may have been concerned or had their Wednesday evening disrupted,” Rotruck said, reading from a news release.

Other Fracking News For The Region

It seems that we have an up hill battle to get strict regulations enforced in Pennsylvania. According to many articles on the web and in the papers, we have a governor that sides with the gas and drilling companies. Governor Corbett had let it be known that he would be siding with the gas companies when he took over 1 million dollars in campaign contributions from the gas industry.

Console Energy is a company that is mostly known for its coal production in this area. It has been brought to light, Console is now wooing lawmakers from districts that have vast amounts of Marcellus shell. This is not a Republican or Democratic thing because Console offered Super Bowl trips as gifts to both Dems and Reps. In the end Democrat Tim Solobay, and Republican Joe Scarnati excepted the trips.

I went to the Observer Reporter news site on line and found Range Resources adds all over the paper with the people that are making thousands a month if not more in leases saying, that range is the best thing that happened. I know this because some are friends. (I have found when things go bad for companies, they ram the propaganda down the throats of the uninformed.)

Here is a story that tells of a group filing a Intent to Sue against Governor Corbett to stop the leasing of State owned land such as parks and game lands. More Here

This is not a local story however, it is one that shows what could take place here.


The mayor of Dish Tx. Is leaving his home because of health dangers do to Hydraulic Fracturing.

According to the Associated Press, residents of Dish have complained of nosebleeds, pain, and poor circulation since the first compressor station was built in their town in 2005, though there is no hard proof linking the health problems to the natural gas drilling. The air over the Barnett Shale near Dish was found to contain high levels of the toxic chemical benzene, shown to cause cancer. The town’s mayor is leaving it all behind.

While Mayor Tillman acknowledges there could be other explanations, he feels, “It’s one thing if I’m exposing myself to something… but with our children, it’s just a completely different story. We just couldn’t take the chance after that.” Around the country, similar reports of nosebleeds can be found among residents living near hydraulic fracturing, or “fracking,” sites, though the energy companies insist that their methods are safe.

Look, its time to decide is the money that can be made from this worth the health of our children. I personally don’t think so.

Ps. This is a story by a friends daughter Samantha Malone: SAM

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