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Fracking Comes To Brown Town Rd. and Hillside Way Avella.

February 24, 2011

Last night 02/23/2011)at approximately 6:15, The Joseph Powers Hydraulic Fracturing drill site experienced an explosion that sent flames and a thick plume of black smoke into the air. The percussion from the blast was felt as far away as 3 miles according to witnesses. I happen to be a witness that lives about a football field away as the crows fly.

We were eating diner when I felt and heard the blast. Without even thinking I went outside a turned to the drilling site. (I have had a bad feeling about this site since they started building it last summer.) So it was not a big surprise there was fire and black smoke coming from the site. For those who follow my blog know that my biggest thing with the fracking companies is safety. Also the fact, they were allowed to come into the state with a free hand. The regulations are virtually invisible, or are not being enforced with a stern hand. (Especially when lawmakers are going to sporting events as guest of energy companies.)

After I saw that fear had come true, I went and grabbed my camera.

This was shot the night of 02-22-11, and the morning of 02-23-11.


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