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These Piss Me Off. (Suing McDonalds, And Trying to Ban the E Cigarette)

December 19, 2010

There are two things that are getting air time that should not even be an issue. Some idiots are making a little noise and well the media has jumped on them.


The first one is, a mother can’t say “NO” to her daughter. We have all been there when the kid sees something that they really want and they cry and throw a fit trying to wear you down. Well it seems, Ms. Monet Parham has a child that she has let get totally out of control, and has decided that her bad parenting is the fault of McDonalds, and her television set. So she ran to the Food Police.

Ms. Patham has filed a lawsuit against the McDonalds corporation for enticing her child with toys in the marketing of Happy Meals. Ms. Parham said that the reason she is suing is;

“I object to the fact that McDonald’s is getting into my kids’ heads without my permission and actually changing what my kids want to eat.”

If this is the case then what will she sue for next? Could it be the Toys ‘R’ Us Giraffe, Jeffry. no I have it the Monopoly guy, hell he has enough money.

If this is even looked at by the courts it will be one of two things; a gigantic waste of time or, will set a case that will be cited in tons of suits to come, and that would be wrong.

Ms. Parham is employed by the Sate of California and works in the field of children’s nutritional health. The suit is being back by Center for Science in the Public Interest. John Banzhaf, the founder of ASH the lobby against smoking, sees a similarity in the way tobacco and food are marketed.

“I think there’s a good case to argue that it’s unfair and deceptive to target young children with something that means a lot to them in order to induce them to eat something so unhealthy,” he says.

Acorrding to the article, the blame for a quarter of the children’s obesity in Santa Clara county, California, is McDonalds, and its competitors using toys in their children’s meals.

Chief executive Jim Skinner commented on the case telling the Financial Times,

The “food police” were trying to “dictate behavior through legislation”. In a statement, the company said it would “vigorously defend” its brand.

Banning The “E” Cigarette

This week cases against the E Cigarette were brought to light in the state that will save us all from ourselves, Washington. It seems that some of the residents of the state feel people are so stupid if they see someone with an E Cigarette they will get confused and light up a real cigarette causing second hand smoke.

Five years ago King County in the State of Washington along with three quarters of the country ban smoking in public places, they now want the Electronic Cigarette added to the list.

They cant say that it causes second hand smoke because, the only thing that is emitted from them is harmless water mist. The reason given for this concern is,

Public health officials say they’re so similar to the real thing that they make tobacco enforcement difficult and often prompt smokers to think it’s OK to light up in public. And that leads to second-hand smoke, health officials reason.

“The idea is that even though they’re not exactly identical to cigarettes, people see folks using e-cigarettes, and they think somebody else is smoking,” said Bud Nicola, a King County Board of Health member and affiliate professor with the University of Washington School of Public Health.

“It makes it very difficult for inspectors.”

This is freaking amazing,

The Board of Health is scheduled to discuss and vote on the proposed regulation Thursday.

The proposal also includes restricting the sales of e-cigarettes and similar devices to people 18 and over, and a ban on free giveaways and heavily discounted sales of the products.

What is this country headed towards? Were the people really voting for the government to control and take over the thought process for the people, when they voted Obama into office? It really seems to be the case, especially when you think back to the video of the two ladies who said Obama is going to give them money and pay their bills. I feel that they might as well go ahead and make smoking illegal and cause another prohibition, then people will really feel the pinch of the taxes.

While we are at it lets just fine and take away any parent that take their kid to a fast food restaurant because, they are endangering the welfare of a minor. Sounds stupid doesn’t it. Well, that is just a ridiculous as the above lawsuits. This is also the way “Unelected Officials” write and get laws passed.


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