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The Means to An End. (Of the Internet)

December 1, 2010

Yesterday WikiLeaks was shout down by a cyber attack, but who was the perpetrator or perpetrators? Some might say, it was the US Government showing that they will not be played. It might have been, however it is more likely that it is a step in the grand scheme for the present administration to take control of the internet with in the borders of the US. They must convince the citizenry that it is a danger to them and their loved ones to allow open minded bloggers and websites to run without government control.

Prime examples of this would be China and Australia. Although, Australia as of today has taken WikiLeaks off their blacklist. It just shows what a government with too much power can do to its people.


Access to the WikiLeak’s Cablegate page, as well as certain Chinese language news articles covering the topic, have been blocked in the country since Monday. Other articles from the Chinese press that are accessible on the web appear to only concern the U.S. response.


In March 2009 the ACMA revealed that a number of pages on WikiLeaks were put on the blacklist of banned Web sites because the pages linked to Web sites on Denmark’s blacklist.
However, the ACMA today revealed that WikiLeaks was no longer on its blacklist of Web sites.
“Currently, the ACMA list of prohibited URLs that is notified to accredited filter providers does not contain any URLs within the WikiLeaks Web site,” the ACMA told ZDNet Australia in a statement. “Since April 2010, the ACMA has investigated two complaints about specific pages of content on the WikiLeaks Web site, which both resolved to content found to be not prohibited.”

Yes this could just be a paranoid conspiracy theory, however think about the power that was given to Obama over the internet. Then you look at the power Janet Napolitano has given to Homeland Security over the internet also. These two actions should scare the population in to action.


Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano has extended the jurisdiction of her sprawling department to the Internet. The “Homeland Security Investigations” division of Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) seized control of 82 websites last week. Considering the mess Ms. Napolitano has made of airport screening, it’s a bad idea to let Big Sister decide which websites will be allowed to exist in the future.

So, with all the other powers still in place from the George W. Bush administration, with these new powers over Cyberspace, we should really step back and think about we let transpire. Then we should pray we have not made a mistake by letting the government grow so big and gain this much power.


Ps. Obama has sited The Communication Act of 1942/Section 706 d, as giving him powers to shutdown sections on the internet.

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