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Feel Me Up and Tell Me I am Secure, Or Is It Raining?

November 20, 2010

Well here we go, I told you that the people would give up their freedoms for this false security. According to a number of poles out there 81% of those surveyed are willing to be felt up, and photographed naked for a false sense of security.


With all the controversy in the media over the security full-body scanners and pat downs at airports, a CBS poll finds four-in-five people (81%) are in favor of the full-boxy scanners, while just 15% say they’re opposed.

The pilots have won a small battle in that they will not go through the stringent screening. The thought I have heard behind this is if, the pilot wants to bring the plane down he just has to aim it.

There have been many complaints about the pat downs from a lady who is a cancer survivor was made to take off her prosthetic breast to people that have been taken to rooms and made to disrobed and put on special robes. Yet there are 81% out there that will let the government fill up there wives, and take nude photos of their kids. Because we will be safe.

One of the best records in air travel is Israel. They use a simple way of starting the process, They talk to the people.

Boston Globe

In Israel baggage and traveler stay together until the security check is completed. Screeners at American airports don’t usually engage in conversation with passengers, unless you count their endlessly repeated instructions about emptying pockets and taking laptops out of briefcases. At Ben Gurion, security officials make a point of engaging in dialogue with almost everyone who’s catching a plane.

Not many people here in the states know that there is a Less Invasive way to scan. The technology is called, Automated Target Recognition, but it is used in Amsterdam and no one in our government is invested or owns stock in the manufacturing company that makes it.

The image produced by the A.T.R. is basically a stick figure, as compared to almost pornographic images produced by the back scatter machines. The A.T.R. exposes the passenger to less radiation that the B.S.M.

There is also a third scanner that only produces a picture when an alarm goes off when something is found.


In an email, TSA Spokesperson James Fotenos told CBS that TSA is testing out the new technology “which would transmit images only when an alarm is triggered” but the agency said, “the current version of automated threat detection technologies does not meet TSA’s detection standards. TSA sees automated threat detection as a viable option for the future.”
TSA included that “software development is currently underway and will be followed by testing to ensure effective detection.”

I will leave you with this thought I told you about this the other day, the vans that are out there with the ability to look through your walls.


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