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The Difference in the Race for the 46th District for the Pennsylvania State House Of Representatives is Apparent, DeLuca No Shows.

October 21, 2010

I know it wont matter to most of you out there however, I will be endorsing Jesse White for the Pennsylvania House of Representatives. As most of the readers of this blog know I am for a very strict hand over the Marcellus drilling by the government and EPA. (Which is not happening at this point.) Jesse and I don’t really see eye to eye on how to achieve this. We disagree on the way to get the result. I feel Jesse and I are one the same page, just different paragraphs.

As for Mr. DeLuca the major turn off for me is, the fact that he doesn’t feel my main issue is worth talking about. Instead of debating an issue that is very important to the economical and environmental welfare of the 46th District, he refused to debate the issue saying, “The Marcellus Shale debate is a dog and pony show”. He has canceled twice, not only on The League of Women Voters, and Jesse White. HE CANCELED on the PEOPLE of HIS DISTRICT. Also, DeLuca repeatedly refused to return phone calls from Jesse White or the League of Women Voters.

To read the email that Jesse sent out trying to explain what happen go to, Source Below is an excerpt of the letter.

I was looking forward to discussing how I have hosted workshops with our municipal officials, gas industry representatives and the DEP to develop reasonable local ordinances to preserve the essence of our communities. I also wanted to talk about the different pieces of legislation I have written to protect property owners’ rights, increase accountability for drilling activity in small towns and provide tax credits for companies who hire Pennsylvania workers to develop the Marcellus Shale in a safe and responsible way.

So, I am voting for Jesse White, for many reasons. One of the biggest being the help he gave towards getting the long awaited Sewage project. He has secured Grants, and low cost loans to help the township, and its citizenry. By working to get these sources of moneys he helped get it done right and at a low cost to the people of Cross Creek and Independence townships.

If you would like to find out more on these two candidates, you can go to these Websites;

Jesse White;

1. I’m From the Government. I’m Here To Help.

2.Pa House/Jesse White

3. Pa Legislator

Greg DeLuca;

1. DeLuca for Pa.

2. Meetup

3. Meet up 2

It is important that the people vote in this Midterm Election. In the past midterm election have a low turn out. We as a country cannot follow that pattern this time and all elections afterwards.


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