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ABC Family Pulls Friday Night Lights. Let Boycott Begin!

October 19, 2010

Well its over ABC Family has pulled Friday Night Lights totally off the air. However, they put the Gilmore Girls back on at 11:00am. I am so pissed off at this move I am calling for a full blown boycott of all Disney own stations and all the advertisers. Yes, that is a lot.

Below is a list of some Disney companies.


2. Disney ABC Television Group

3. Disney Channel

4. ABC Family

5. ABC Studios

6. Disney ABC Domestic Television

7. Radio Disney

This is the Company Overview for the Disney Corp.

I have started a petition to bring back FNL to its 6:00 pm time slot, but most of all just bring it back. The petition is ABC Family Bring Back Friday Night Lights.

Although many people have made it clear they dont want My Wife and Kids in the 6:00 pm time slot, It has been left there. The Gilmore Girls now are in two time slots, once in the morning (Which was ask for by most of its fans, and the 5:00 pm slot. Disney removed FNL even though it was very popular in the 6:00 pm time slot.

If you are tired of the big corprations going against the wishes of the majority, please sign my petition.


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