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10/10/10, Just Another Day. Really, It is. So Don’t Let anger Control

October 7, 2010

As the title suggest, October tenth, two thousand ten is just another day. It is six days off, but I insure you these consistent number sets have happened in the past, and we have gotten through them just fine. However, there are some activities planned for that date. These activities are positive, even if you think the reason behind them is foolish.

The star of Juno, Ellen Page has produced a You-Tube video asking everyone to take part in’s “Global Work Party Day”. But wait aren’t we being programmed that if we do things that help the planet, and by helping the planet we help our fellow man, we are “Leftwing Extremist”? It is easy just to say that anyone or thing that wants to help the planet because they believe in Global Warming/Climate Change or what ever the next administration will call It is a nut and so is their idea. However, maybe it is just a young person wanting to help.

Now, if we look at the other end of this mine set and that would be the TEN-TEN movement. 1010 put out a series of videos showing how to cut carbon emissions. Now this should scare you to well…. to death. Some will say that I am over reacting to this but I don’t think so. Check it out below. (More after the video.)

Well, shake you up a bit? I don’t mean horror flick scare. I mean, “Oh my God is this what they are willing to do to achieve what they want?” There is a Donald Duck video out there that is humorous to a point, but it ends with the message the only way to stop Glenn Beck is to kill him.

I remember people getting upset to the point of calling for harm to George W. Bush when his administration was in power. I admit I wanted him out because of the things they were doing to the country and the rights of it citizenry. I was not calling for violence, I was calling for the removal by impeachment.

I thought I was on the left, only to find out I am more center with a conscious. These people that are calling themselves democrats, are not the democrats I was exposed to in my political youth. These people remind me of the criminals of that era. These people are looking at the violent answer to shutting up the opposition, while talking of the freedom of speech. So think long and hard about which side you side with.


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