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Should “Marcellus Shell” and “Hydraulic Fracturing” Sway Your Vote in the Pennsylvania Governor Race?

October 2, 2010

The answer to the Title Question should be “Yes”. In fact it should Sway Your Vote in all the Races. It is a very important issue that will effect the great Commonwealth of Pennsylvania for a long time to come. It has as much, if not more than the coal mining industry did back at the turn of the 20th century.

The biggest issues with fracking are, jobs, environmental safety, how much tax should be levied, what level of government should get what percentage of those taxes.

There is no doubt, the drilling boon has helped lower the jobless rate in the state. There is a bill that has been presented in the state legislature that would reward the companies for hiring persons from Pennsylvania to work in the drilling and gas field. I believe that this is being done for the right reasons. The problem I see with this is, the money could be used by effected communities to help in the after effect of the drilling, and a percentage set aside to help those who have suffered damage and contamination from the fracking operations. (Yes, despite the Happy Face the Gas and Drilling companies are advertising, spillage and accidents are happening.)

I don’t know how many of you have received phone calls from a committee calling itself, The Pa. Action Network. A well spoken person (recorded) tells of the taxes that Jessie White is going to vote for. Also, these taxes will raise the price of Natural Gas in the Commonwealth, and kill jobs. Let’s look at this logically.

1. A tax is needed, so the municipalities where the extraction of the gas is taking place will make something off of this. (Think back to the coal mining boon.)

2. If the need for the gas is there, the need for people to extract it is also there. The jobs are not going to go away over a few dollars.

3. A small tax on the gas in production might cause a slight increase, however there is no real cause for alarm do to the fact a large percent of the natural gas that will be drilled here will be exported. It is the same scare tactic they use when they want to drill for oil on U.S. territory. Most of the resources captured in the U.S. are exported, and we buy from other countries. It‘s just more cost effective.

So yes, Fracking is a large issue when we go to the voting booth next month. Jobs and environmental safety, I will vote for the candidates that show me that they have a positive plan which incorporates both. Oh, and don‘t take money form the Gas Industry.


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