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Monopoly Goes Cashless. (Sign of Things to Come)

September 30, 2010

I know some people will say that I am making a big deal out of nothing and I hope that is the case, but I don’t think it is. Although it is not Hasbro’s plot to corrupt you kids. It does point to the cashless society that is a means of getting control of all aspects of the economy. However, that might be getting too deep, too quick.

It was about six years ago I wrote a series of blolgs on the cashless society, including the Real ID and RFID Chips. The chip is being used in your credit cards and implanted. I wrote on the chip being offered to kids going into clubs so they would not need id, cards, or cash. Then I followed that up with wallets and clothing being sold that protect your ID, and credit cards from the bad guys with “Hand Held Scanners” trying to steal your info. If you see someone standing outside the doors of a bank, or store they might be trying to get information with a H.H.S.

A cashless society is one of the changes that is being made as the N.A.U. and the N.W.O. are being ushered in. In a cashless society all transactions can be watched and wages will be decided by the government. England is in the process of doing this with workers wages. “British Government to Seize All Paychecks”

There is another thing to think about when cash is no longer a hindrance to the fast moving society, and it is something we have seen happen already with CostCo, and a few other bulk stores. They no what you have bought and how much. There was a shortage on rice and flour a year ago and if you tried to buy more that what they set the limit per person, they would know by your card. This is also a practice with store cards like Get-Go, and Kroger. Yes you save three cents and give them your information.

This is just one of those things I had to bring to your attention and ask you in this confusing time “The Election Cycle”, follow the old saying, “Don’t believe what you hear, and in the day and age of Photoshop about one percent of what you see.


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